Testimonials for Feng Shui work conducted by Master Sarah McAllister

Our clients come from a range of different backgrounds (top CEOs, MEPs, well-known performers and artists, aristocrats, housewives and small and large businesses worldwide) and many from word of mouth referral. Where people prefer to remain anonymous, we are very happy not to reveal your details and respect full client confidentiality. Some of our major projects must remain confidential, so they cannot be displayed in our portfolio. I am grateful to those who are happy to share their testimonials as follows:

Breathing Space testimonial
Business feng shui testimonial

Feng Shui for Business Testimonials

“I did the quarterly figures last week, and was really pleased to see that since making the changes you advised to stop the haemorrhage of cash through the business, our outgoings are 40% less!” Business owner, Surrey (wishes to remain anonymous) 4/04/08


“Sarah, can you reverse the feng shui please?!! Since making the changes you advised, we’ve gone from deathly quiet to so busy we are struggling to keep up!!” Hong Kong born client, owner of Briing Design Studio, London


“I’d be happy to recommend you to anyone.Your report on how each member of staff interacts with everyone is so accurate, its scary! Since we rearranged the space like you said, our income has gone through the roof. We placed a festival on sale last week and they normally take 6 months to sell and this one will be sold out by this Sunday coming! So everything you have said, is working and things are so much better in our lives. So thank you so much. We are truly grateful for all these things happening.” Barry Hogan and Deborah Kee Higgins, ATP Festivals, London


“It is amazing how the changes you advised us to make in our home made our business immediately start to perform better (and continue ever since!). We had a record month in October when usually the sales figures are very low. I am so glad I decided to get you to come to Belgium, we are so excited about our business again and can finally draw a salary! Thank you Sarah.” Sigrid Steeno, Spirit of Nature outdoors recreational equipment shop, Belgium


“Sarah McAllister is a highly trained and passionate Feng Shui expert. I personally experienced her work when I moved house last year. She got on with her work in a professional and tranquil manner and her advice was realistic, workable and excellent! We discussed placing a water feature in an area of my living room to encourage a flow of wealth and low and behold, within days of placing the water feature where Sarah had advised, more business started to flow and has continued ever since. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Sarah’s professional and valuable services”. Annie Lawler, Breathing Space Therapies Ltd


“Since implementing your suggestions, we have seen a marked increase in business activity and my business partner and I communicate better and we even noticed an improved relationship with other office tenants in the same building.” P Mavron, Cyprus Homes 4 You, London W1


“Your Feng Shui changed my business for the better and improved the way I work. I also received my first enquiries in months from my website since improving the layout of my workspace.” S Lynch, The Coaching Life Company, London N16


“My office has changed completely I’m more than happy with the new look. I also have two new clients and business is looking exciting again for the first time in nearly a year.” A Whelan, Best Shot Productions


“Life has been very good since we adopted the recommendations Sarah made. My business is flourishing and my family well and happy. It is clear that Sarah knows her subject very well and has an excellent teacher in Master Chan.” Z Glover, Safespace, Brighton


“Everyone has commented positively on the changes made to our shop, since Sarah did the feng shui design. I didn’t think some of the colours were going to work, but they actually look fantastic!” S Turner, Turners Tailoring & Gown Hire, Brighton


“My office looks and feels fantastic. Thank you!” K.Stuart, London NW3


“And, I wanted to let you know that [since cutting down the tree obstructing the SE wealth position and female future] I am getting lets of good publicity now. Even nearly made it onto news 24 yesterday, but they didn’t use it as Peter Hain resigned…

I have chopped down the tree in the front garden, and believe that it has changed what is happening to me. My life has changed loads. And I am so impressed by the changes since cutting down the tree that I’ll put in the water feature too like you said, 2 years ago!!” Carole Railton, Director, Life After Branding January 2008


“Also, more importantly, have to say how much of a difference it has made to alter the position of my desk. Since you did that, what? a month ago? – I’ve had more offers of work than I have in the past six months and I’m really pleased because I’ve got nice work lined up for September, which means I can take the summer off with the children and relax. I’ve also finished off some other work I was doing, a play, and am now in position to send it out which is just great. I’m really quite amazed at the difference. . . . also the house seems calmer and more tranquil. An altogether happier space, which is just lovely. I’ve just realised, as I write this, that the children have been much, much calmer too, not arguing as much, they seem much more relaxed” L.M. London N16 22/07/06



Feng Shui for Design Testimonials

“Sarah’s inputs on a recent project we worked on were aesthetically pleasing and her commitment to her profession and her genuine belief in the ancient art have convinced a non believer like me that it’s not all about wind chimes. The project is now complete and in my personal opinion, one of our best works to date.” Vatsal Mehta, Architect and Interior Designer, London


“The Feng Shui architecture collaboration with Sarah was excellent. Together we created a design for a very beautiful, contemporary building which is regrettably still only at conceptual stage. I found Sarah to be a very precise and professional specialist. She demonstrated a very good understanding of both feng shui and architecture and I am confident will be able to provide great help during both the design and build phase.” Matteo Huber, architect and urban planner, Switzerland


“I was so impressed with Sarah’s feng shui report that I decided to hire her company to fully interior design my flat. I am delighted with the results. The flat looks and feels wonderful. It is both energising and relaxing! I sleep like a baby and all my friends comment on the great energy of the place and the creative use of colour. Sarah and Vatsal showed a real commitment to the project and to the achievement of high standards throughout. If feng shui design has this positive an effect on a residential premises then I really think more businesses and urban planners should be spending some serious money with Feng Shui Agency!” S Hirsch, Co CIO, Fortis Investments


“Thank you for everything! The design suggestions you gave me were thoughtful, thorough and well conceived and my office planners were impressed with your readiness to work hand in hand with them. You demonstrated a supportive attitude and I appreciate the follow-ups and visits that you made, ensuring that all was progressing as planned. I have found working with you a pleasure and by far, very good value for money! All the best to you and looking forward to working again with you in the near future.” Malcolm Terry, Park Heath Estates, London


“I can wholeheartedly recommend employing the services of Sarah McAllister, Director of the Feng Shui Agency. I am opening an Urban Day Spa in Knightsbridge and was keen to follow the principles of Feng Shui so I contacted Sarah at the conceptual stage. I had already employed an architect/designer so Sarah worked alongside my Designer and Graphic design agency, ensuring my logo and brand identity was favourable, and that my refit plans followed the relevant principles suitable to the site location and planned usage whilst always respecting and working with the brand vision.

Sarah thoroughly explained all the concepts and their relevance to me, without using lots of baffling jargon. She provided clear advice and an extremely detailed and informative report that enabled me to guide my team of builders through the project. Always very generous with her time, Sarah is very approachable, extremely knowledgeable and maintained regular contact at all times whilst never being overbearing.

Sarah showed sensitivity to the limitations of my project (structural, financial or other) and the commercial practicalities of the space, regularly offering alternatives if we were unable to implement particular suggestions whilst maintaining a real dedication and enthusiasm for my project including a great follow up service.” Philip J Davies, Glow Urban Spa, London SW1X



Goldman Sachs Testimonial

Space Clearing Testimonials

“Thank you so much for coming round and performing the space clearing – I immediately felt the benefits and that room no longer feels uncomfortable. The whole atmosphere has lightened considerably – I am really impressed at the positive effect!” S Radhe, Goldman Sachs


“All the staff commented on how much lighter the place feels – the upstairs feels transformed and they are no longer afraid to go up there at night alone. Whatever you did, it worked, thank you.” B Meredith


“After the space clearing and feng shui consultation, Sarah gave me a written report on the house, including a short list of things I could change straight away, mainly moving desks and beds. We’ve done most of them and already the atmosphere is much calmer. The biggest difference, though, has been with my son, who had been having trouble sleeping and, like a lot of teenagers, was quite disruptive at home. Sarah found his bed was in the worst possible place for him. Unbelievably, from the very day we changed it he slept better. Sarah then arranged a space clearing for the house and in particular for his room. Even my partner, the biggest sceptic you could come across (who in fact thought I was utterly mad to even think about feng shui) feels this has made a difference not just in how well my son sleeps, but in his general humour and confidence. He also concedes that in some indefinable way, the entire house has a warmer, more tranquil atmosphere, which is definitely what we were aiming for.

PS Sarah – difference in Stevie has been quite remarkable actually. He has not had one nocturnal wandering since the bed move and since the space clearing as well is much calmer, more focused at school and so much nicer to have around. He commented the other day how much he likes being in his room now. Next thing to do is change Katie’s room . . . “ Names have been changed to protect client – **THIS WAS FEATURED IN RED MAGAZINE 2006


C-Snail Home Feng Shui Testimonial
K-Stuart business feng shui testimonial

Feng Shui Residentials Testimonials

“Since moving her bed to the position you suggested, she no longer stays up at night reading, but sleeps through all the time. A real success, thank you!” Client, Brussels (name withheld for political reasons) November 2009


“The upstairs feels like a different place – I love it now – I wake up feeling more relaxed and I have no more crippling back ache I did have initially upon getting up. Work is certainly picking up – I am booked and people are contacting me which was certainly not the case before and so I am feeling a lot more positive about myself and have asked one person for a pay rise which I got!” A.C.


“I’m very glad to hear that the geopathic stress line doesn’t go through the bedroom area. I must say the flat is feeling much better already and I’m so glad I took the course of action I did in requesting a consultation with you! I can’t tell you how much better the sofa feels with its back on the wall. My evenings are very much more relaxing now!” S Holland


“With regards to the bedroom, Colin has had a noticeable improvement in his sleep and we both find it a very restful and calm (white!) room. I did have a few quite disturbed nights which is unusual for me, but that seems to have settled down now. We both felt quite a shift in energy after we implemented some of your recommendations which was a joy to feel – and not being in the downstairs bedroom has been hugely beneficial.” K.W. London


“Since painting the door white for wealth like you said each offer on the house has been bigger and bigger! And moving all the family photos, bringing them all together and getting rid of that piece of artwork has made such a positive difference. I don’t know how, but it really does work!” C Snail, London


“During my sleepovers I never used to feel rested, but now I feel a lot better and the whole feel of the place has changed for the better. Everyone remarks how lovely the place is now and my client is much happier”. Carer, London


“Just want to say a big thank you for being so thorough and helpful. A lot of comments and suggestions were taken on board and things have definitely improved, especially with my daughter’s speech – I am sure it is a reflection of things that you suggested to do. Also, I believe that we were mentally geared to remedy things for the better, especially after meeting with you. I wish you lots of luck and success.” Anonymous (to protect child), North London


“It was an absolute pleasure having had the opportunity to be consulted by Sarah. Her very friendly, down-to-earth and practical approach in helping me change the “small” things in my environment in order to achieve big goals has been fundamental in my personal growth. I have experienced overwhelmingly positive changes after her advice on my flat. It is like I have embarked on a new creative journey and I now feel more intuitive and centred. I feel extremely positive and the energy flow is boundaryless! Thank you Sarah – I would recommend your services time and time again!” Sweta Jayantilal, Talent Specialist, Raytheon


“The morning after you changed her bed position, she slept so soundly that she had to be woken up! I thought it might just be a one-off fluke, but I am delighted to say 6 weeks on that her sleep has been very much improved and we are really happy. We will definitely keep you in mind for any future requirements. Thank you so much.” April 2008 Mother, Holland Park, London