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Feng Shui of Bedroom Lighting for Deeper Sleep

Bedroom Yin 2Lighting is so important in our lives and I am so pleased to see that lighting companies are really evolving in their understanding of how light impacts the human being and they are modifying their bulbs and systems to be much more responsive to human needs.  Read more →

Feng Shui Disasters and their Beautiful Outcomes

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London, 21st June 2012It is trendy these days for coaches to say ‘there is a season for everything’… but they have no real system to substantiate that statement – the Chinese Five Element wisdom in your horoscope can literally show you the RIGHT SEASON, the RIGHT TIME to take inspired action.

Heaven is massive and still mostly unfathomed! The Chinese created elegant systems to engage with and listen to and communicate with this powerful energy.  Read more →

Shinrinyoku “Forest Bathing” can save billions in healthcare!

Woodland Feng Shui“The Woodland Trust’s chief executive has said increasing people’s access to green spaces could cut billions of pounds from the NHS healthcare bill. Sue Holden said it had been calculated that the NHS could save £2.1bn a year if everyone had access to green spaces.” Source

Feng Shui is the study of the human being’s connection to nature, to the earth and to the cosmos and the application of such study to the built environment.

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Feng Shui completely restores successful career!

Sally Wallis Feng Shui Love photoI do love a good testimonial! Its great to catch up with clients now and then! So many wonderful things can happen in their lives, and I might not always know about it! I heard from the lovely Sally a few months ago and she offered to write me this wonderful testimonial outlining the process we went through together to find her the perfect home! Read more →

Invitation to Vote for me in national Women Inspiring Women awards

Women Inspiring Women Awards

Following a nomination by a client of mine, I am thrilled to announce I have made it through quite a lot of other nominees to be shortlisted under Speaker/Trainer category at the Women Inspiring Women National Awards, sponsored by Damsels in Success.

You can vote for me here:

Have you known anyone struggle with fertility issues? Out of control cashflow? Persistent ill health? Hyperactive children? Insomnia? Depression? Lack of Direction?

These situations have been transformed to the positive – Feng Shui babies being born, 40% reduction in outgoings, regaining energy and life, children calmer & happier, children sleeping better, adults sleeping better, reconnection to vision….the list goes on….and on….

My classical Feng Shui has remedied the above situations and more and I have a network of similarly trained associates, graduates and colleagues all throughout the world who can also help others in the way I have helped.

Being part of this awards and shortlisting, means raising the profile of classical Feng Shui which can only be a good thing, as during my 15 year of learning the subject and almost 10 years in business I have seen this skill transform lives in remarkable ways and yet remain underutilised by so many people. This is why I am indeed a tireless promoter and advocate for the subject, through teaching my own students, educating my clients, and speaking on the subject professionally at organisations such as RIBA, Homes for Good, St Joost Academy and DECO.

Help put Classical Feng Shui on the map for people to get involved with, benefit from, talk about…I’d be thrilled if you could vote for me on the following link.

For those of you who don’t know me please read the client nomination and my statement and listen to my video at the website link. Many thanks :)

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London, 21st June 2012

Add Power to Your 2013 Vision FREE Feng Shui WEBINAR


Add natural Power to your 2013 VISION!

Discover why learning Feng Shui with me will support your highest goals and dreams!


Free Webinar Tuesday January 22nd 2013, 7pm

Ever wondered why so many people use and learn Feng Shui?

Ever wanted to know more but just not found the time?

Confused by books and different approaches to Feng Shui?

Want expert guidance but not sure who to trust?

Join me on this free Feng Shui webinar so I can show you why Feng Shui works, how people have gained enormous benefit in their lives even by only attending the 2 day introduction course! Magic happens! Regularly!

PLAN with natural cycles using Feng Shui

I will be giving you some tips on time management using the seasons and also on how to decide upon which career or vocation is the one most suited to you.
Imagine the power of knowing that you can align your efforts with natural energy cycles that support you! Listen in to find out more!

Make your mark powerfully in 2013!

I take you on a tour of applied Feng Shui and share with you practical examples of how feng shui applies to homes, your date of birth and even to planning your calendar! I will then tell you more about how you can quickly and easily learn amazing basics (and more) with me as your instructor.

Make 2013 different. Make it Count. Make it powerfully Feng Shui!

Long Flow our Gracious Queen…why Elizabeth II has been an everlasting Monarch…

As the nation starts to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, I researched the Feng Shui of Buckingham Palace and also the Chinese Horoscope of our inspiring leader Queen Elizabeth II. I came to some very interesting conclusions that I’d like to share with you here.

The full in-depth technical article will be offered to specialist publications but the broad sweep is as follows:

Using the Power

The long narrow approach to Buckingham Palace brings powerful chi to the front gates in a direct funnel, usually associated with sha chi or poison chi.  The gates, roundabout and statue help to deflect the chi so that it doesn’t hit the palace entrance full force. Read more →

Bit of Fun…Keep Calm and Feng Shui on!

Stumbled across this the other day! :)

Its very true though – mindful and consistent application of Feng Shui does balance the energy of your home or office (macrocosm) and therefore balances your personal energies (microcosm) too!

How do I know where the good energy is?

If you aren’t already subscribed to my fabulous FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER that gives you the Flying Star energies for wealth and career (and other good stuff too!) then please do hop over to this link and get fine tuned!


How Bespoke Feng Shui Interior Design can Benefit your Home

Good to see some intelligent writing on Feng Shui – thanks to Freshome for their kind invitation for me to tell them all about Feng Shui Interior Design – would have loved to feature our newest project completed just before Christmas but the pro photos are not done yet.

For our approximate Feng Shui Interior Design Fees CLICK HERE

I am offering a FREE 20 minute telephone assessment for the first 10 people who take action from the article.

My 2011 forecast came true! People power certainly has been a hot topic this year!

I wrote a summarised 2011 Forecast for the Feng Shui Society (in January 2011), influenced by my teacher Grand Master Chan Kun Wah, but interpreted by my own wisdom and knowledge. I correctly forecasted that it was timely this year for the people to express their feelings to governments and also that petroleum would be supported by the general energy of the year.  Below is an excerpt: Read more →

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