Ba Zi I Chinese Horoscopes ‘Four Pillars’ Astrology

Ba Zi I Chinese Horoscopes ‘Four Pillars’ Astrology

Feng Shui Consultation and Chinese Horoscopes are intimately connected yet stand alone as specialisms in their own right. The best Feng Shui consultants master both Feng Shui and Astrology systems. Understanding the Horoscope gives the Feng Shui consultant more options to support the client not only in decision making and timing of important events like conception, marriage, career interviews but also how to use the Ba Zi knowledge within the Feng Shui recommendations. We will guide you through the 5 day course to provide insights as follows:

  • Weak and Strong Charts – how to understand the imbalance
  • Influence of the 12 Palaces and Empty Palaces
  • Chi Transform, Follow Power, Follow Choi and many other types of special horoscope Forms.
  • The 10 Sap Sans Faeries or Gods
  • Interpreting the Kinships in the chart
  • Deepening of 5 Elements understanding
  • 8 Forms of Female Horoscope
  • Body Parts related to the Stems
  • Five Element Food & Careers
  • Using Animal Charms & Feng Shui to help the client
  • Impact of Longitude & how to read the International Atlas
  • How to perceive the Health, Career, Children, Money, Power and Marriage prospects of your client with exacting technical accuracy.

Open to Module C students, graduates and repeater students having studied any Chue Style Ba Zi I before.

Also OPEN TO MEMBERS OF PUBLIC wishing to learn Chinese Horoscope after a compulsory 2 day preparation course. Please contact us for further information.

Attendance of Ba Zi I is a pre-requisite for studying the Chue Style I Ching courses – 2012 dates to be confirmed.

Option 1: 18-19-20th February 2012 and 25th-26th February for UK based students.
Option 2: 18-19-20th Day Off 21st, then 22nd & 23rd February – ideal for students coming from overseas. (Subject to student numbers)
All students will participate in 18-19-20th then those from overseas or wishing to study midweek can continue and the rest finish on the following weekend. This option is subject to sufficient student numbers.

Save £80 by paying £800 with the Earlybird 10% discount by 18 December 2011
Full Fee £880 Deposit of £200 required by 18 December 2011 and settlement in full at course
Installments – Deposit of £200 by 18 December 2011 with 2 x monthly installments of £350 on January 18th and February 18th 2012