Applying authentic Feng Shui to hotels and spas creates the most exquisite ambience for relaxation and healing so that your clientele enjoy a really memorable experience.

Going far beyond simplistic Bagua (8 directions) and clutter clearing of ‘Westernised Feng Shui’, we offer refined designs that literally resonate with the vibrations of vitality, abundance and subtle power.

From 160 acre resorts and boutique hotels in Antigua to 230 000m2 mixed use hotel/spa in Dubai, we have advised several international developers and understand the project cycle of large developments.

Concept Development

We can help you not only with the design of your next project but also with the concept development, by using the wisdom of Chinese principles in your brand and experience.

Good Design = More Profitability

We actually helped a developer free up space to create another residential plot in his beach club resort, by changing the Feng Shui of the entrance route.
We also helped save on aquatic feature maintenance costs, as we required fewer water features to have the best Feng Shui effect.

Master Sarah is not only a keen spa goer but also very knowledgeable about spa design and has experience as both end user and staff, having worked before as a Shiatsu practitioner in several London health centres.

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