Did you know that Feng Shui is one of the “8 Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine” because when applied correctly it can increase the amount of healthy and vibrant energy in a building?

Have you tried all the seminars, supplements and affirmations yet still find life is not flowing for you?

Let us arrange your home so it’s Feng Shui layout and energy supports you!

So many people are so fully accountable for themselves and work hard to create positive change, but they totally forget the power of the environment!

When a tsunami or an earthquake strikes, it doesn’t matter about your mindset, if you are in the way you will suffer greatly. When it rains, an umbrella is more useful than your attitude…

When you can’t sleep repeatedly, do you think about the layout or Feng Shui colours of your bedroom or do you take a supplement, look at diet, do breathing techniques etc?

We’ve helped individuals and families and couples all over London and the UK and overseas to sleep better and have more harmony by making key fengshui changes in their home.

What happens in a “Blissful Living” Home Feng Shui Consultation?


I arrive at your home and have an informal chat over a cup of tea to find out more about what you need and how Feng Shui can help.

I then look around the property exterior whether a house or an apartment. It is so important to find out how the chi is moving. We take Feng Shui Lo Pan compass readings and take time to sense the energy of the space.

No trinkets…

We then look to our fengshui methods and calculations and figure out possible re-balancing ‘cures’ – some of these will be based on your time of birth and Chinese Horoscope – and measure out a suitable position for these to be placed.

Depending on the needs of the consultation, dowsing will also be performed with copper dowsing rods.

And all without any use of Chinese trinkets…occasionally we advise use of a Buddha or image of Buddha but are sensitive to your philosophy, religion and/or aesthetic sensibilities.

Environmental Health Quality

We also examine the environmental health of your property in terms of air and water quality, mattress quality, Electrosmog pollution and provide helpful resources where these require improvement.

What sort of follow up do you provide?

After the initial Feng Shui site visit, we provide you with a full report including further useful information where necessary and helpful resources. Usually, our follow up support is via email but for more complex projects such as renovation advice etc. we will liaise with architects/designers or supply our own trusted team for you, and take important calls and also revisit the site when required.

Each Feng Shui consultation is different and the exact terms will be agreed in advance.

Fees for Problem Solving consultations

All projects are priced individually, so please tell us more about your needs and your vision.

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