Einstein said “Energy cannot be destroyed, it can only be transmuted”

If you have lived in a home or run your business from the same property for a number of years you may have got stuck in a rut and need a “spring clean” at a bioenergetic level by commissioning a Space Clearing. We all know that emotional ‘atmospheres’ can build up within a space and create tension or listlessness. “You could have cut the air with a knife” describes the emotional tension that can be generated in a room after an argument, for example. Imagine this compounded by several arguments, sickness, grief…business struggle, debts etc…. Even if your life is smooth and happy, the stuck chi will be hampering you and you could be enjoying even greater success.

Using specialist techniques involving sound, vibration and appropriate herbs and resins, we break up stuck energy patterns at a property so that you receive a fresh flow of more positive chi to increase your happiness or business success.

Removing Predecessor Chi

orchidA property can be like a museum storing memories and imprints of past events. Perhaps you are in a property where previous businesses failed to succeed, or someone passed away recently, or suffered recurrent illness, or the previous occupants had a bitter divorce — space clearing is just the tonic to clear stagnant, sick or sorrowful atmospheres and re-energise them bringing them more in positive harmony with you.

A Space Clearing is a ‘retuning’ activity, and frequently results in a tangible improvement in the ease and flow of your life, work and environment, and an increased ability to move forwards with your plans and intentions.

What does a Space Clearing involve?

Space ClearingA space clearing generally involves meditating and tuning in to the energies of a space and then burning special herbs and resins in a focused and ceremonial way to cleanse and revitalise the energy, together with the use of soundwaves from consecrated temple bells and Bhutanese Singing Bowls to further purify the atmosphere.

We mostly work without the client being at the property and sometimes it is appropriate to invite the client to join us at the end for the invocation ceremony, where we co-create positive energy to attract better fortune into your life.

Earth Energy and Dowsing

We also dowse for the existence of geopathic stress lines and conduct earth acupuncture or recommend the installation of protective devices such as the excellent Raditech/Geomack.

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic StressAlthough this is not strictly Feng Shui, it is a very valid associated study and we find that in certain situations Feng Shui remedies are far more effective once the geopathic stress has been dealt with in a home or business premises. Geopathic stress is a disturbance in the natural resonance of the earth’s natural radiation (7.5 – 8 Hz) which causes a resonance in a building which is uncomfortably fast for the human being to handle. It can cause insomnia, irritability, fatigue, and in some cases severe illness.

For more information download the “Are you sleeping in a safe place?” guide.

All our consultants are experienced dowsers, who will seek out the presence of geopathic stress and have the back up of remote dowsers should we require a second opinion. The Feng Shui Agency Limited regularly recommends the Geomack/Raditech device as a remedy for geopathic stress and/or EMF pollution (electromagnetic pollution).

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Decluttering & Professional Organiser service

We would ask you to declutter and tidy up before having a space clearing as clutter not only blocks the effectiveness of the space clearing but can worsen a situation – it is inadvisable to activate a chronically cluttered space with either Space Clearing or Feng Shui cures, because you will be activating a state of negative chaos. Sometimes decluttering can be difficult and hard to face, as you might want it cleared but you have a partner who is a hoarder! You might be dealing with belongings from a loved one who has recently died… it can be very emotional and enlisting the help of a professional is highly recommended. For 10 years I have been working with Lorraine Wragg of www.streamorganising.com and she has helped many clients of mine to resolve clutter and storage issues.

Please Avoid Do It Yourself (DIY) Energy Cleansing

Whilst many safe and common sense space ‘refreshing’ techniques like clutter clearing and spring cleaning can easily be carried out yourself in a DIY capacity, we strongly warn against the use of specialist gums, herbs and resins or trying to work at a spiritual level or with geopathic stress lines without specialised training.