Residential Feng Shui Consultation Guide

We primarily provide our home Feng Shui consultations in London and Home Counties but are more than happy to travel all over the UK and internationally as we appreciate the importance of trusted connections and the personal relationship between consultant and client. In fact, our most rewarding work comes from supporting fewer clients over the longer term rather than high volume turnover like some more internet based companies. We have Feng Shui consultant associates who cover not only London but also Oxford, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Reading, Norwich, Birmingham, Nottingham, Leicester, Liverpool, Bolton, Manchester and Scotland.Feng Shui London


Every consultation is unique as no two properties are the same and the occupants all differ in age, temperament and constitution, however, this guide can give you a sense of what to expect from us. We also recommend reading our FAQ section too as this is very informative.

From the moment you start talking to us we are already working with you to bring a healthy balance into your environment. Here’s an outline of what we do at your property:

  • The consultant will introduce themselves and spend a few minutes getting to know you, you’re your goals and any concerns about the property or your situation. The consultant will need about 20 minutes of your time at the outset, but you are free to leave or remain at the property – as you wish. We ask only that you do not accompany the consultant around the property.
  • The consultant will already know your basic personal Chinese Horoscope by the time they arrive and this will determine if your space is supporting you or not.
  • Starting from the outside, the consultant will assess the area surrounding your property to determine how it sits within the landscape.
  • The Chinese Lopan compass will then be used to measure the back of your property, the back or side door (for a house), the front door and the chi flow coming from the nearby roads.Feng Shui Home Consultation
  • We will walk around the interior of the property, unaccompanied, looking for obstructed energy flows to calculate how significant they are.
  • Using the LoPan compass – we will gain an accurate diagnosis of the quality of the orientations of key items of furniture such as beds, desks and sofas.
  • We note the colours throughout your property and any unusual shapes or configurations.
  • We sit quietly on our own to concentrate on how the magnetic energy flows are influencing the floorplan and layout of your home and establish how to correct anything undesirable. We kindly request that no loud TV or music be playing elsewhere in house.
  • We won’t tell you anything negative if we can’t solve it, but we won’t be shy of telling you the actions you need to take to rectify any negative influences. We will also inform you about the basic positive qualities of your home.
  • NO HOME IS PERFECT. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THIS. EVERY PROPERTY HAS BENEFICIAL AND NOT SO BENEFICIAL INFLUENCES and it is your consultant’s job to make sure you are using the beneficial influences more than the negative influences.Feng Shui Home Consultation
  • We choose a good date for some of the recommendations to be implemented. On the occasion where additional items need to be purchased and then activated (such as water features) we only select the date once you have the item operational. We check with you to make sure of your availability before spending time selecting the date and if you miss this date, then a charge of £140 plus VAT is payable for us to spend time selecting another date for you.
  • To conclude our service we sit with you for a further 20-30 minute session giving you are recommendations which you can take notes or we will also email to you within 10 days in the format of a brief, succinct and jargon-free report. More in-depth reports are chargeable at £180 extra as they are very time-consuming.
  • CHANGES ON THE DAY – sometimes we will help you change desks/beds etc and are generally very helpful, but be aware that our visit alone does not constitute having the Feng Shui done. Whilst our positive energy definitely affects your home or business for the better, we like to make it clear to clients that you need to take action after we are gone. Putting your personal energy and time into the process is very important. For an extra fee, we offer a “Done For You” service if you really have not the time or energy. Sometimes we have been known to stimulate changes simply by connecting with you on the phone or visiting the property – this is natural law of manifestation at its best – a combination of both client and consultant positive intent at a Human level already creating the desired result. This is the limitation of most feng shui consultants who are working with intuition and intention alone – our Feng Shui reaches the parts others don’t and taps in to the power of Heaven and Earth – this is BIG Feng Shui and far more powerful than Human ‘cures’. When was the last time you took on Heaven and won?! We are tiny little ants in comparison to Heaven and Earth.


We appreciate your enthusiasm for Feng Shui and desire to ask your consultant questions but we find this dilutes our focus and would prefer you came onto our Introduction, Intermediate and Practitioner level courses if you wish to know more and participate in Feng Shui discussion forums with your study group. We prefer not to explain our recommendations but simply detail what you need to do in order to experience positive change. Many of our consultants have trained for 13 years or more, so you can imagine it is impossible to condense this knowledge into a format understandable for the lay person. When you consult a doctor or a lawyer you don’t expect them to explain advanced neurology or legal terminology, so the same applies with our specialism.

Kindly note that while we have some knowledge of other more BASIC Feng Shui styles (Black Hat Sect, Sam Yuan Flying Star, 3 Door Gate of Chi, East/West Life Groups etc), we will only use our Chue Style techniques and do not concern ourselves with whether we conflict with knowledge you have read in books or on self-study courses. Explaining our approach complicates the energy. Trust. We know what we are doing and are wholeheartedly committed to helping you.Feng Shui London

We conclude the consultation respectfully and wish you well. You are encouraged to contact us with any queries within the free 3 month follow-up period, after which the support is chargeable at £68 per hour of our time on phone or writing emails, billed every 30 minutes.

Depending on the project complexity, size and amount of work required, a more extensive report can be produced for an additional fee of £180 plus VAT.


Feng Shui Home Consultation1. Supply your consultant with floor plans on day of consultation (or beforehand, as instructed by your consultant)

Floor plans must either be supplied from details of sale or if the property is rented please either hand draw them taking 1 step to be 1cm and don’t worry about alcoves etc, just show us the basic floor plan of rooms and garden, we will fill in any relevant detail.

Or we can draw these up for you but because it takes quite a while and is not best use of our skill set, we charge an additional fee of £50 plus VAT.

2. Follow the advice of your consultant

When clients follow all our advice in the order we specify, then they experience very positive results.

If you only partially follow our advice then it follows that you cannot necessarily obtain full benefits.

Feng Shui Home Consultation3. Be open minded to change

Try not to immediately think of reasons why you cannot or would prefer not to put into place a recommendation, but think of the benefits it will bring. The positive changes can sometimes be very subtle that you barely notice them but they are laying the foundations of a better future.

4. Be open minded about how the positive change will manifest

Sometimes the benefits happen overnight, sometimes after a full cycle of the moon, and some changes require 3-6 months to manifest. If you are concentrating on money but the energy is ready to better support your health and relationships, then don’t be disappointed. Your life is like a multi-faceted diamond – each aspect influences the other, so with improved relationship harmony you will more likely attract good career opportunities and therefore more money, than if you were miserable and worn down by a negative relationship.Feng Shui London

5. Prioritise and Choose positively

If we ask you to remove a shrub or tree in order to unblock your career or wealth and you choose not to follow our advice because it involves a little effort, then you only have yourself to blame – the bottom line is how much do you value your success? If you can’t dedicate some time and energy to implementing our suggestions then you are your own worst enemy.

Feng Shui Home ConsultationINVESTMENT IN CHANGE

Be prepared to invest a little personal energy and money in order to make the changes. You might need to pay someone to trim a tree, fix a garden fence or paint your front door a new colour. Or you might need to buy a few plants or buy a Feng Shui Buddha (we can provide alternatives to statues Feng Shui Londonfor our respected Muslim clients) or an internal water feature. You might also need a good air filter and a good water filter to help create a healthier environment at a mechanical rather than energetic level.


We take pride in never recommending you an item that you don’t actually need. First and foremost we provide excellent Feng Shui advice. Over the years our extensive exposure to environmental technologies and experience has allowed us to source excellent products – trusting our recommendations ultimately SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY AND ENERGY. We connect you with reputable products that are the best on the market, so you don’t waste time or money on lesser purchases.


To save you time and energy, we have sourced key products which we find helpful and are happy to recommend to you for purchase in our online shop or at our Nikken Wellness Technologies website.


If you require any interiors products such as furniture/fabrics etc. you might like to benefit from our Trade Account discounts – offering up to 20% off retail prices. Some interior designers actually mark-up the retail prices but we think that is unfair, so we are happy to share our discounts. Even though we’d love you to hire our Interior Design services, you don’t need to hire us in this capacity in order to benefit from our trade discounts – just tell us what you’d like and we will source for you.

Feng Shui Home Consultation

“DONE FOR YOU” service for people with no time or energy!

For an additional fee we will arrange for all the Feng Shui changes to be made for you. So you can forget about calling in tree surgeons and decorators – we will take care of this for you.


Feng Shui energies are ever changing and after your main consultation you would be wise to have an annual tune-up (some people seek seasonal or monthly tune-ups too). Your main consultation will be suitable for you for at least 5-10 years from a general perspective, however, if you want to best align with the annual energies then it is recommended you have a regular tune-up with us. Depending on the scope of the initial consultation this may or may not involve another site visit and can possibly be conducted over the telephone or email at our hourly rate of £86 per hour plus VAT.


To ensure the highest possible level of Feng Shui application and to “dance with energy” wisely and adeptly, we can help you fine tune not only the spatial energies but also your timing for important decisions every month. Soon you’ll begin to tap in and access a whole new realm of awareness. Its positively thrilling. Please contact us for more details of this exceptional service.


This is a powerful combination of Chi Kung Healing, Thai Yoga Massage, Shiatsu, Feng Shui, Date Selection, Horoscope work, Personal Styling and Personal Organising. Are you ready to transform into your highest potential?

Very few people succeed entirely on their own and those that do often burn out or sacrifice another area of their life. With this package you can access the skill, healing force and experience of leading practitioners to give you an accelerated route to success. And what’s extra special is that our ethical approach will show you how to become more empowered by the process to reduce your reliance on us. Price on application.Feng Shui London


(We are such innovative leaders in our field, that we’ve had several other consultants nick our ideas and prices before – oh well, imitation is the highest form of flattery!)

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