Feng Shui Auspicious Date Selection

Feng Shui Auspicious Date Selection

Throughout the natural world rhythms and cycles are magically at work to create the life sustaining and abundant world we inhabit. You can use this knowledge of natural forces to make better decisions about when to take action on specific projects. This knowledge increases your chance of success by approx. 30% and can increase success of Business Openings, Website and New Product launches, Marriage Ceremonies, Conceiving a Child and even trading the stock market.

Timing is Everything…Auspicious Date Selection

How does this work?

The moon governs the tides and crop productivity, and the earth’s magnetic field is influenced by the pull of the larger planets, most notably Jupiter and Saturn. Successful traders from major financial capitals acknowledge the affect of timing and the moon cycle on trading performance. The Chinese 10000 Year Calendar and the Tung Sing Chinese Almanac both contain vital information on nature’s cycles and reveal the times of greatest vitality and productivity and the times of the sleepiest and most unuseful energy. We take your date of birth and assess how YOUR UNIQUE ENERGY CONSTITUTION combines or clashes with nature’s cycles.

  • Planning important events for increased success
  • Marriage
  • Dates to conceive children naturally
  • Dates for IVF cycles
  • Business or product launch
  • PR event
  • Emigration
  • Breaking Ground to Start a Self-build or refurbishment
  • Buying & Selling Shares
  • Move in to a New Property
  • Exchange Contracts on Property or important business deals

Acting in a timely way, co-operating with the unique blend of nature’s rhythms and your own unique energy constitution, increases the likelihood of success by an estimated 33.3%.

The Three Treasures

Earth Luck (33.3%)

The earth influence concerns our environmental surroundings and our feng shui in terms of landscape forms, orientation, layout and interior design. If your health is suffering or you are in a difficult phase from a horoscope perspective, then your feng shui consultant can help you improve the quality of energy approaching and circulating in the house or office and this helps to improve health and increase luck and weaken negative influences in our lives.

Human Luck (33.3%)

This reflects our own efforts and the old adage “You make your own luck” is very true. Are we positive or negative? Are we willing to see our vulnerabilities, heal the past and move on or do we dwell in the past and miss out on the present? How good is our education and social network? Self-improvement disciplines such as T’ai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation can help us improve our health and state of mind and transform or minimise the detrimental effects of any difficult times or a difficult horoscope.

Heaven Luck (33.3%)

Chinese astrology reveals the influence of heaven on our destiny and luck, and helps us gain insight into our personality, career, money, power, relationships and health. It can show us the best times to act and take the initative and the times more suited to keeping a low profile. Heaven’s luck is very strong, but our human luck and earth luck can transform a negative influence in the horoscope.

Bear in mind that people with a ‘good’ or uneventful horoscope often never develop themselves, because they have never had cause to find internal strength. Whereas those with difficult charts can become masters of self-transformation and discipline. We do not mean to suggest that we should prize stress and struggle above all else as the best way towards self-fulfillment, but we do recognise the opportunities inherent in adversity.

Can I transform my luck?

Yes. To a certain degree, yes. We never wish to limit our clients or imply absolute outcomes, but prefer to encourage their growth in what we see as the most likely and most fortuitous way, rather than advising to go against the flow and expend superhuman effort to fight the natural energy, you can elegantly combine to the way in which the earths magnetic field works. This is after all, what Feng Shui is about – how to live in harmony with our environmental energy – whether spatial (building design) or time-sensitive (birth, peak and decline phases).

Isn’t it just common sense?

Feng Shui is partly common sense of course, in that Spring seems like a great time to instigate new projects and changes – but its all about fine-tuning – we can show you how to Grasp the Chi and start important projects or hold significant events at the best time for YOU in the particular season rather than at a random time. Sometimes we have to settle for second best because the church is full on the date you want to marry or the website designers can’t launch your website on the very best date. But we know that even second best is better than a completely random and uninformed choice! Rare Chi Days, Moon Blessing Days, Ghost Postman Days! If this all sounds a little exotic, just remember that the Chinese language is very picturesque and full of metaphor.

Horoscopes and Date Selection are closely related and use similar systems of analysis.

Chue style Date Selection Specialists

Feng Shui Agency is delighted to offer you the services of Chue style date selection. Invest in yourself and your future success. Only £294.00 per event. We would need your date of birth only – we don’t need the time of birth unless you wish us to construct a full horoscope too.




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