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Kidz That Dream Big! – Feng Shui tips for bullied children


Upon my return from a month long holiday/rest in USA, I was pleased to receive a copy of the book “Kids that Dream Big” by Lashai (11 years old) and Tray-Sean Ben Salmi (7 years old), children of my remarkable friend Sabrina Ben Salmi. The young authors encourage children to imagine a greater future for themselves and I was asked for my expert tips on how to support children with Feng Shui. I very much enjoy assisting kids with Feng Shui for sleep, study or help with bullying – see my testimonials section – you’d be amazed how much my Feng Shui has helped a number of the little people in the families I help! :)

Here are the tips I provided in the book! I hope you find them useful and I can certainly help you with more bespoke and more advanced Feng Shui knowledge if you’d rather have an experienced expert help you :) Basic tips can sometimes help, but quite often a more skilled eye is required, so do get in touch. :)

And to find out more about Lashai & Tray-Sean or BUY THEIR BOOK! their amazing websites are & & Read more →

London Feng Shui Course testimonial from student attending from Croatia!

This is an excerpt from an email giving feedback on the Introduction Level 2 day Feng Shui Course I ran in London early July 2012 from a woman who flew all the way from Croatia to learn with me:

If you’d like to experience the joy of discovering Feng Shui and learn from a true expert then why not sign up for our forthcoming Feng Shui Introduction Course in London on 14th/15th September 2013?

Contact Us for further information and how to book.

Also, do be aware that we are very much a Feng Shui consultancy company too, not just a Feng Shui training provider.

I’d love to help you with the Feng Shui energies of your home, business or new build project, so why not get in touch! We’d love to hear from you! Just use the Contact Us facility and select your interests. Or call us on one of the below numbers.

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Master Sarah McAllister is owner and founder of Feng Shui Agency Ltd, a UK based Feng Shui consultancy and training company with an international client portfolio and associate Feng Shui architects, Feng Shui Urban Planners and Interior Designers. She is widely regarded as an industry expert and is a sought after lecturer and consultant. She publishes a free monthly newsletter “Chi-mail!” with industry news, practical Feng Shui insight and advice and great promotions for subscribers. To receive your copy sign up here



Feng Shui Teaching Video Testimonial

Translation: Good day, I’ve been visiting the Academy for classes for the last 3 years now. This is second time I have attended Sarah’s class and I must admit she helped me find answers in areas that were unclear. I would be very happy to take her classes again!

Free VIDEO – How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom for SUPER DEEP SLEEP!

One of the most common complaints from prospective residential Feng Shui clients of mine is that they are finding it hard to sleep. We have had huge success with helping people sleep better, particularly children – it’s so cute when I get to help the little people!

So, here’s another free video from my popular Feng Shui Video series, which shows you basic Feng Shui considerations and other practical tips for  arranging your bedroom. Read more →

Feng Shui Agency Donates Consultation to Wherever The Need Charity

As part of our commitment to doing some good in the world with our skills, we donated a London Feng Shui consultation to the silent auction at the Just Need Charity Winter Ball held at The Dorchester in London, in December last year. The charity was founded by a client of mine and when I heard about the auction I felt it would be a perfect giveaway. The evening drew a crowd of  460 people and had Michael Portillo as a guest speaker. A staggering £85000 was raised and Feng Shui Agency Ltd is proud to have been able to contribute to the success, particularly as the charity does a lot of work in India, which is a country dear to my heart. This money will specifically help the victims of the cyclone in Tamil Nadu towards the end of last year.



The Feng Shui consultation was carried out by me and a group of 15 of my Feng Shui Practitioner Course students in May, when the homeowners were back from USA.  It was a beautifully sunny day as we made our way around the garden of a substantial 5 bedroom home in Primrose Hill with our big red Lo pan Compasses. I am a great advocate for giving my Feng Shui students practical experience and have the highest amount of practical content than any other competing courses in UK or Europe. The students all enjoyed the morning spent at the property before returning to the classroom in Regent’s College and felt they had learned a lot about practical issues that arise onsite and how to interpret the theory. The students then wrote up a Feng Shui report which I edited and gave to the client. The winning bid was £600 which is less than my official fees but a super contribution nevertheless. So, it was a win-win-win all round. :)

For details of the charity please visit

Bit of Fun…Keep Calm and Feng Shui on!

Stumbled across this the other day! :)

Its very true though – mindful and consistent application of Feng Shui does balance the energy of your home or office (macrocosm) and therefore balances your personal energies (microcosm) too!

How do I know where the good energy is?

If you aren’t already subscribed to my fabulous FREE MONTHLY NEWSLETTER that gives you the Flying Star energies for wealth and career (and other good stuff too!) then please do hop over to this link and get fine tuned!


Talk Radio Europe Interview

It was fun to be interviewed about Feng Shui on Talk Radio Europe last week. Here is the recording:

Talk Radio Europe in Spain with Sarah McAllister

Register now for Module A Feng Shui Introduction Course London

The next Module A is 14/15th September 2013  in London.

TESTIMONIAL  from the 21/22 January Module A weekend.

“And thanks so much for a great weekend. Your course was absolutely brilliant. Utterly fascinating and inspiring. And I’m so pleased finally to understand the five elements — I’ve heard explanations so many times but never as clearly as yours!”

(name withheld as she is wife of a member of parliament, so I’d like to respect her privacy).

Contact Us to find out more and how to book.

How Bespoke Feng Shui Interior Design can Benefit your Home

Good to see some intelligent writing on Feng Shui – thanks to Freshome for their kind invitation for me to tell them all about Feng Shui Interior Design – would have loved to feature our newest project completed just before Christmas but the pro photos are not done yet.

For our approximate Feng Shui Interior Design Fees CLICK HERE

I am offering a FREE 20 minute telephone assessment for the first 10 people who take action from the article.

Enter the Dragon! 2012 Year of the Water Dragon Forecast

How the natural forces of the universe affect the energies of the year is a fascinating subject called forecasting and refers to our Heaven Luck. I prefer the term forecast rather than prediction as I consider it more accurate and it also creates more psychological space to harness our Human Luck in order to better weather the forecast whereas prediction somehow sounds too final. We are never meant to feel victimized by the forecasts as this creates self-fulfilling prophecies, however, if we are forewarned we are forearmed and can fine-tune our strategies. Read more →

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