How can you truly align to the transformative powers of nature?

How can you truly align to the transformative powers of nature?

Equinox Solstice illustration

From 23 August 2015 we entered the “Chu Shu – Limit of Heat” solar fortnight, and then on the 8th September we came into “Bak Low – White Dew” and I certainly noticed a lot more moisture on the lawn around that time in the mornings. From 23rd September we enter the “Chow Fun – Autumn Equinox” solar fortnight, during which point of the Vernal (or Fall/Autumn) Equinox the balance of light and day is more or less equal in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. 

Seasonal Flow

My Feng Shui skill is greatly influenced by the seasons because they are models for how natural energy moves and behaves. From deceptively simple concepts such as Yin & Yang, right through to 64 Hexagrams and further refinements and extrapolations, the Chinese Taoists formulated such elegant systems to ultimately help us understand how to combine the human with Earth and Heaven.

These profound systems influenced the design of houses, the location of crops, the timing for conception, weddings and journeys and the understanding of a person’s Chinese Horoscope chart.

When we understand how natural energy works, we have a greater understanding of the Five Elements and can be more effective Feng Shui practitioners and Chinese Horoscope consultants.

What can you do to align with the chi of Autumn?

  • Just as a gardener is trimming back the overgrowth and clearing out decaying plants, you can look at which projects in your life need either reassessing or letting go of.
  • After the activity of summer you can take stock and become more reflective and honour the inward pull of introspection more.
  • Follow the principles in my previous blog post about Autumn energy…
  • You can get ahead of 2016 by commissioning a full Chinese Horoscope chart or one of my Horoscope Starter Sessions to make sure your efforts are well directed and in tune with powerful natural cycles.

The Feng Shui of 2016

This is a pivotal year as it marks the start of a new time period in feng shui called the 9 fate. As such, the Feng Shui of your house and business will change, some for the better, and some for the worse. These big cycles last decades, so it’s good to get your home looked at either in person by me (recommended) or by benefitting from a Feng Shui Starter Session in which I look at your floorplan and images/videos to help you as much as possible without being on site. Though a lot more limited than a site visit, I am finding people really enjoying this small investment of time and money and it helps me reach more people.

Here’s a little perspective on the seasons and yin and yang for you – it helps show how  classical Feng Shui is the scientific observation of nature – nothing to do with myth or superstition. If you want 2016 to be epic, don’t just do something different like having a Feng Shui consultation or horoscope, but do it with commitment. There is no easy cure to your situation, but Feng Shui and horoscope will help you if you take it seriously and allow a seasoned professional like myself assist you – whether a new build, or moving home, problems in your marriage, finances or sleep… working with natural energy just makes good sense and opens up new worlds of possibility for you.

Sarah xx

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Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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