Let Chinese Astrology make your life feel less like hard work

Let Chinese Astrology make your life feel less like hard work

Does life sometimes feel like way too much hard work? Not the hard work that ends up in a definite achievement or specific output… that type of hard work is very satisfying.

Am talking about the type of hard work that just seems relentless – no matter what you do, life feels heavy and things just aren’t happening… you feel stuck, misunderstood, resentful and afraid… almost aaaaallll the time….

The close of the year can be a trigger point for many people as they look back and ask where did the year go? What have I achieved that I set out to in January?

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Am not suggesting that life is perfect when we are in flow, or that my life as a feng shui consultant is always flowing and easy because of my knowledge, but I tell you something for CERTAIN – astrology affects you, whether you believe in it or not.

Over my now 22 years of energy work experience and 8 years experience in Chinese Astrology, I have seen time and again, how astrological influences show up in someone’s life…

You couldn’t make it up if you tried…!

How about a student of mine who had married a new husband at the points in her life that I told her she would have done, simply by looking at her Big Fate and when Water element came into her Fire chart.  [She had not known about Chinese Horoscope during those times, so it impacted her without her knowledge!]

Or how about the woman who couldn’t have children, and Harley Street specialists said she categorically could not conceive, and we said as of Winter Solstice of 2011 she would be able to conceive, and she went away skiing over the New Year 2011-2012 and conceived naturally!

Or how about my own life, when I met and fell deeply in love with a man two years younger than me in my early 20s, in the exact year of Jing Kun (True Husband), but the only problem was that it also was a draining influence, and I did feel totally drained by him emotionally and financially, so I decided to finish it, as I could not see a future with him. It literally broke my heart in two. I regretted it for years, but long term it was the right thing. I had no idea about Chinese Horoscopes at that point in my life.

It is SPOOKILY accurate, and I would say much more accurate than western astrology, though that does have its uses for general life themes.

There are so many more stories and testimonials I could share but I want to get on to the core message of this blog post.

If you belong to the Heaven chi family – life is full of luck and relatively easy – you know those people who have that ‘big break’ and then never look back!

If you belong to the Human chi family – you have to work hard for your success! I am in that category, and boy it is not easy doing what I do, showing up consistently and to keep going in the face of many types of rejection. We never get to piggy back on other people’s success like the Heaven chi folk, but learn to create our own. This is creatively satisfying but very tiring at times.

If you belong to the Earth chi family – you are likely very caring and don’t tend to worry about ambition much – you might be a care worker or a civil servant and enjoy a small but meaningful life of routine and don’t race around the world travelling, but are perfectly content at home.

If you don’t know which category you naturally fall in, then you can make life really hard work for yourself. At least I know that my life is generally hard work! Lol! And I look for creative ways to make it less hard work wherever possible.

And finding out which family you belong to is just a small part of a very large and subtly complex picture of your Chinese Astrology chart based on your Year Month Day and Hour.

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