Nature Connection for Self-development and Deep Transformation

Nature Connection for Self-development and Deep Transformation

The Wilderness Spa ImageHow good are you at feeling truly alive, deeply connected and purposeful?

Like anyone, I have good days and not so aligned days… I have days when I feel purposeful and balanced and days when I feel out of sorts and have to undertake specific practices such as yoga or meditation to get back into that expanded state of relaxed focus and appreciation for life. 

Why do we change so much day to day, hour to hour sometimes? 

As a professional Feng Shui consultant and Astrologer, it is part of my work to feel into each day, get a sense of its energy and to be connected to the ancient Chinese calendars and to the chi flows of each day, so that I can advise my clients (and myself!) about the best timing to increase likelihood of certain events happening.

But that is only part of the picture – this is just the “Heaven Chi”. The timing might be perfect but something inside of you is still blocked. You are trying to get too much done – for example you might be renovating a house, holding down a busy career and also trying to conceive a child – all at the same time. In this case the chi can easily get confused and the environment you are in is in a state of chaos that needs time to settle.

Feng Shui and Auspicious Date Selection aren’t some type of magic.

They are deeply logical when you truly study the subject. But they also require common sense in the application. We have to be clear in our minds and hearts – this is using the “Human chi “and then have a supportive environment of “Earth chi” that is the Feng Shui of our space.

Whether you knowingly subscribe to the Chinese cosmological viewpoint of “The Trine of Luck” (Heaven, Earth and Human) or not, it makes good sense doesn’t it? We can have some control over our environment (Earth) and we can fully control our mind (part of the Human aspect), but we can’t control the cosmos (Heaven) nor other people (another part of the Human aspect).

So how do we know when we are in alignment?

The answer is to be found in the ancient Chinese astrology and horoscopes, which are deeply intricate and bespoke assessments of your unique constitutional energy at birth or your ‘hour mirror’ (horo = hour and scope = mirror) and these give you very useful and practical insights into your nature. Why? Because everything in the world is made up of a recipe of dynamics known as the Five Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. More accurately termed Five Actions to describe their dynamic properties.

Connecting to Nature and the earth is not just some fanciful or sentimental metaphor, it is an absolute reality.

I have recently found a new route around the countryside of my home, which takes me through much less traversed fields and the difference in the FEELING of the space is remarkable. The fields with more dog walkers/runners/walkers etc. feel lovely but are a bit closer to the road and a bit more active. But the fields deeper in which are far less frequented feel more virginal and pure – they are further from the road and the deep sense of EARTH energy is stronger. It moved me to tears this morning (that happy sad happy feeling!) as I felt once again the nurturing warmth of the earth and that deep peacefulness and invisible yet tangible sense of simultaneous receptivity and productivity. The earth produces so much nourishment for us.

The carbon in our bones is related to the element of Wood, the blood in our veins contains iron (Metal) and is warm like the sun (Fire) and we are actually made up of over 80% Water.

Connection to nature is not an ideal ‘some day I will have the time’ scenario, but a real living experience.

It is easiest to sense this in deep wilderness, but it is also very apparent in rural farmland and even in your garden or urban roof terrace if you can quiet yourself enough.

So, the elements found in your horoscope take on new meaning and depth when you understand that you are indivisibly part of nature.

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Examples of insights from the Chinese Horoscope Report:

  • Understand your best career most suited to your nature
  • Learn how to ‘control’ the money energy in your world
  • Timing for finding a relationship
  • Discover compatibility with a life partner (if you commission two charts to cross-reference)
  • Best times of day suited to your productivity
  • How you best operate within a team
  • The best colours and styles to wear
  • Specific Spiritual blessings

and so much more.

“It was very surprising what Sarah could assess about my private and career life! It helped me to gain unexpected insights and also provided some wise and practical advice for the next 5-10 years. Really good value for money.” S.H. Fund manager, Frankfurt  

“I had the Chinese Horoscope done for myself and fiancee and it was truly remarkable. It was insightful, specific and very accurate. It pinpointed our personalities and indicated the best time for making big life decisions. Having been told by Harley Street experts that we could not have children, we followed the advice about timing and are now proud parents to two healthy children. Highly recommended!” Paula Clancy, London

“I was amazed at how accurate Sarah’s Chinese Horoscope was for me, from key events in my past to my specific health problems and what practical measures I can take to support myself.”  Sara Hannan, London

Commenting on a Southern Hemisphere birthchart I analysed “I sensed you were someone who ‘knows their stuff’ – this chart is so much more me than the other I had done. Thank you”  R.H. Sydney

Next time you feel stressed or blocked just go outside, find some greenery, walk in nature or even the local park, sit under a tree and use your imagination to connect to the marvellous matrix of nature. Understand you are loved and supported in the world by a very real web of life, even if you currently don’t experience that, just thinking of it as a possibility helps you to reach for that sense.

And if you are ready to more deeply understand yourself, to connect to your highest dreams by connecting to who you REALLY are and your deepest TRUTH, then I’d love to help you through the medium of astro-coaching.

Readings start from £495 plus VAT to include a full written report and complimentary Skype call,  and I also offer the possibility to go much deeper by supporting you with the application of the knowledge over a period of a month for £1200 – or longer coaching programmes are also available upon enquiry.

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Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister is a Master of Classical Feng Shui – a title bestowed on her from within a traditional Chinese lineage after 10 years of study and a gruelling practical exam. Her clients include Red Bull, Princes Foundation for Building Community, Westminster City Council (London Chinatown project), Smiley, REM (Real Estate Management UK), Bartercard and most recently an international telecoms company. She was the first Feng Shui writer for Sarah Beeny’s AT HOME MAGAZINE website, and has contributed to dozens of online articles and podcasts over the years since 2003. Her feng shui work has been featured in Red Magazine, The Times, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, The Sun, The Hong Kong Sun, Superyacht Design, Afton Bladet, Hia Magazine (the Arabic equivalent of Tatler), The Lady, Kent Homes and Gardens, Managing Partner, Corporate Communications Magazine, Metro, Fabric, Visionist Magazine, Natural Health Magazine…

She has given short talks and mini-workshops on Feng Shui in London for Neville Johnson in Mayfair, BNI Knightsbridge, RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), The Princes Foundation for Building Community, and design practices such as OPL (Office Projects Ltd) and 20-20 Design. She has given longer workshops at Homes For Good exhibition, DECO 08 in Iran, DECO 09 in Jeddah and taught students all over the world in London, Moscow, Tokyo, Breda, Amsterdam and the Isle of Wight. Her feng shui consultation work has taken her all over the world to Iran, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Antigua, Italy, Guernsey, Ireland, Belgium, USA, New Zealand, Japan, Russia, Norway, Denmark and Germany.

Her book ‘The Dreams Architect – designing your life and home to support your inner luminosity” is focused on new builds and renovations and is published by California based Motivational Press in May 2016. In this work, Sarah weaves the subjects of cosmology, wilderness philosophy, vortex mathematics, environmental psychology, sustainability, biomimicry and classical feng shui and astrology to guide readers on a journey into how this is all interconnected and why the world around and within us is so powerful and why it is so important to embrace the subtle yet powerful influences of hidden energies to create lives and communities of greater harmony and hope.

“After the space clearing and feng shui consultation, Sarah gave me a written report on the house, including a short list of things I could change straight away, mainly moving desks and beds. We’ve done most of them and already the atmosphere is much calmer. The biggest difference, though, has been with my son, who had been having trouble sleeping and, like a lot of teenagers, was quite disruptive at home. Sarah found his bed was in the worst possible place for him. Unbelievably, from the very day we changed it he slept better. Sarah then arranged a space clearing for the house and in particular for his room. Even my partner, the biggest sceptic you could come across (who in fact thought I was utterly mad to even think about feng shui) feels this has made a difference not just in how well my son sleeps, but in his general humour and confidence. He also concedes that in some indefinable way, the entire house has a warmer, more tranquil atmosphere, which is definitely what we were aiming for.

PS Sarah – difference in Stevie has been quite remarkable actually. He has not had one nocturnal wandering since the bed move and since the space clearing as well is much calmer, more focused at school and so much nicer to have around. He commented the other day how much he likes being in his room now. Next thing to do is change Katie’s room . . . “ Names have been changed to protect client – **THIS WAS FEATURED IN RED MAGAZINE 2006


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Master Sarah McAllister is owner and founder of Feng Shui Agency Ltd, a UK based Feng Shui consultancy and training company with an international client portfolio and associate Feng Shui architects, Feng Shui Urban Planners and Interior Designers. She is widely regarded as an industry expert and is a sought after lecturer and consultant. She publishes a free monthly newsletter “CHI-mail!” with industry news, practical Feng Shui insight and advice for subscribers.