Why you make your own luck with astrology

Why you make your own luck with astrology

Each hour, day, month and year of the Western Gregorian calendar is represented in the Chinese Calendar by certain qualities – primarily one of the Five Elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal and one of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals.

This year it is the Earth Dog, otherwise known as the Yellow Dog.

The Dog is naturally of the Earth element, so having the Earth Dog means two doses of Earth energy and it means the energy will be more harmonious than a Wood Dog or Water Dog year. Wood and Water have antagonistic relationship with the element of Earth, whereas Earth obviously is in harmony with the Dog (also Earth).  12 years ago in 2006 the year was Fire Dog. In 2030 it will be Metal Dog.

The ancient Chinese were rigorous observers of nature and the human condition and also had a rich lineage of cosmology, and the Emperors of old were often fixated on understanding the forces of Heaven so that they could lead their people towards times of peace and prosperity. To this end their advisors included astronomers, astrologers, feng shui consultants, philosophers, mathematicians, scientists, farmers and monks who all helped to decipher the “Mandate of Heaven” by observing natural phenomenon and the effect of certain configurations of cosmic energy on the collective consciousness and psyche of humankind.

A common misconception is that Chinese astrology is like fortune telling or worse, that you are completely at the mercy of your ‘fate’ and that you have no say in the matter. This type of thinking is victim based, and throughout my long career in Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscopes (starting in 2003 and before that part-time from 1996) I take a much bolder view of astrology and firmly say “You make your own luck”.

This might sound strange for an astrologer to say this, but I explain this further in my signature talks. Basically, astrology is simply a tool to adopt and use, or not. You can still create millions or positively impact the lives of millions or lead a meaningful life without using astrology, but I wonder, would you have created billions or be impacting billions if you were using astrology in addition to your own ingenuity and willpower?

Enter the Three Treasures of Earth, Human and Heaven. In less decorative language of the West this would be Environment, Society and Destiny. The ancient Chinese rather pragmatically divided up the influences of our lives into these three domains.

Earth – our environment, our living space, the energy in the space around us, our feng shui, our access to nature, the infrastructure

Human – our education, parents, peers, family, role models, ability to self-discipline and apply ourselves, our own efforts

Heaven – the cosmic forces surrounding the planet, forces that we cannot control, astrology, fate, destiny etc.

If you want to know the animal of your year of birth see my blog post here

Contrary to popular belief, astrology is an ACTIVE discipline, not a passive spectator activity – you can’t just read your chart and forget about it and expect good luck to come knocking at your door. If you never leave your house, how can you be touched by the world or in turn touch the world?

Knowing when your mediocre days are (from an astrology point of view) is USEFUL because you make sure you take a run, do your yoga etc. to keep you aligned to high vibrational energy – because on that day you have no natural cosmic support. Whereas if you also know your fantastic days you can plan important meetings (or dates!) to coincide with more natural energy support.

If you struggle with the idea of each day having a different energy, just think of the seasons. It is exactly the same principle that at certain times of the year there are different cycles of nature, just as the human being is proven to have different biorhythms throughout the day, so does nature have different peaks and troughs and different qualities day to day.

The idea is that by aligning with the naturally supportive energy you can achieve more than if you are out of harmony or out of alignment. That’s all. Its not a complicated principle, but the astrology can be very complex if you are seeking answers to pretty deep questions. Sometimes a basic knowledge is enough for most people, as they can’t digest life at deeper levels and need only superficial guidance for a period to time until they have more powers of self-reflection and have achieved more mastery over their time/resources. If people are still struggling with basic needs (income, time scarcity etc.) it is hard for them to absorb refined astrological guidance, and instead they can benefit from much simpler and more digestible levels of advice.

More than intuition – there are limitations with intuition, though I love it and it is a valid tool for self-development and helping clients. The problem with just following your intuition is that it cannot see our ‘blind spots’ because we are too close to our own insight & gut feelings to see areas of our psyche which could yield more growth. A professional astrologer can help us to excavate deeply held subconscious beliefs and to shine a light on areas of our thinking and habits that we cannot access via our intuition.

The Chinese astrology is constantly moving as well over time – it is not a case of having your birth chart which then sets everything in stone. For sure the time you are born creates an energy blueprint for your life, but this blueprint then interacts with a rolling series of 10 year ‘Fate Periods’ which are all governed by different elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) and also associated with different energy portents and stars, which need interpretation by a skilled analyst. Often I see people experience great boosts in their business life and in their personal confidence when they are enjoying a really good supportive 5 or 10 year (or more) fate period and everything they touch turns to gold, only to then experience catastrophe and struggle when they move into an unsupportive 5 or 10 year (or more)… depending on the type of chart a person has, the supportive or unsupportive fates could last 40+ years or they can last only 5 years. When we become conscious of being in a good fate, we feel gratitude more easily and can store up our energy and feel motivated to make the most of the time, because we also know that it might not last forever and that we might enter another period of challenges during which we will be glad we saved or invested our money instead of having spent it all, for example!

I had the Chinese Horoscope done for myself and fiancee and it was truly remarkable. It was insightful, specific and very accurate. It pinpointed our personalities and indicated the best time for making big life decisions. Having been told by Harley Street experts that we could not have children, we followed the advice about timing and are now proud parents to two healthy children. Highly recommended!” Paula Clancy, W Hotel Group


Commenting on a Southern Hemisphere birthchart I analysed “I sensed you were someone who ‘knows their stuff’ – this chart is so much more me than the other I had done. Thank you”  R Hagenbuch, Sydney, Australia


Having said that, astrology is only one aspect of the Chinese energy management philosophy, with Feng Shui as another strong aspect, so when in a difficult astrology time, we can have really great Feng Shui energies around us that we created in our good fate by moving to a brilliant feng shui house so the negative effect of the unsupportive fate won’t be as strong. We can also develop perspective and focus our efforts on overcoming specific challenges or developing certain aspects of our life when in a more challenging time, so that we are consciously always improving, rather than resting on our laurels.

Regular readings over the course of your life help you to understand and interpret the chi over time and make better choices on how to use your time most effectively. I foresee a time when astrology will become a mainstream productivity tool and a way of helping people truly embrace diversity in teams and society.

Charts can tell us mundane things like how to support your health, get on better with your family, relate to money, manage finances, choose a career best suited to your nature etc. but also more profound things like times in your life where you might suffer from sexual problems/adultery, or times when you are likely to be much lonelier and more suited to personal development rather than seeking a relationship, or times when you are much more likely to conceive a child (saving much money on endless rounds of IVF that doesn’t work)…The chart also shows us which emotions we are likely to struggle with more than others. It truly is amazing what can be revealed.

As with any other tool or knowledge system, you can only benefit if you take the time to apply the advice to your life and habits and be guided by a professional. Only then will you be  ‘creating your own luck’.

Good luck!!

Master Sarah McAllister 

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