Elemental Art

Elemental Art

The Ripple Effect  5I am very pleased to announce a joint venture with Stephen Henderson, a wonderful friend of mine who creates beautiful photographic artwork with magical elemental resonance.

I first met Stephen when randomly guided to Sedona in August 2012. I was very lucky to experience the beautiful Celtic Medicine Circle and wondrous spiral maze he had created and enjoy my days meditating, doing ceremony, yoga, hiking or just drifting on a wooden float in the sacred freshwater pool there, gazing at the springs bubbling up through the soft sand riverbed, beguiled by sparkling dragonflies and heating my bones in the sunshine… oh the bliss!!!

Stephen also works with the ‘elements’ and his vast range of art encompasses water, wood, fire, earth and metal… So it is with great joy that I am promoting his work and it is available for sale on my website.

About Stephen

After a life changing windsurfing accident, Stephen Henderson, a former fashion photographer
from the UK, embarked on a Spiritual pilgrimage of esoteric wisdom and self-mastery. His travels have led him around the world, studying and working with many indigenous Medicine People from various cultures. Stephen’s spiritual quest led him to a remote region of Peru deep The Ripple Effect 3within the Amazon. Beside the tranquil waters of a remote jungle river, and with the astute guidance of a small tribe of medicine people who’ve engaged in the practice of plant medicines for thousands of years, he was granted permission to see beyond the illusive veil of time and space. Not only was he given access to see into these other realms, he was given the ultimate gift of being able to capture on film the Magical Spiritual Energy of the Elemental beings who graciously revealed themselves to Stephen through his camera lens.

In addition to being an outstanding photographer, Stephen is also a gifted Metaphysician, Mystic and Spiritual Workshop Facilitator and from his Pagan Celtic roots in Great Britain has taken flight alongside the Eagle on a magical journey of self transformation into  realms of Higher Consciousness with the Spirits of the Air, Fire, Water and Earth as his guides. The collection of beautiful limited edition images offered here are from Stephen’s forthcoming ” Beyond the Veil ” book project inspired by his time spent with the Shipibo people and Plant Spirit Medicine of the Amazon. Makia is a Hawaiian word that represents the third of  The Seven Principals of Huna, ancient philosophies that have stood the Test of time and it’s meaning ” Energy flows where attention Goes “. Gaze into these enchanting engaging images and be transported into the Mystical realms of Spirit. These Magical images are a perfect example of the rapidly growing  artistic movement  called Transcendental Visionary Energy Art and are a very effective Meditation tool used for raising ones own vibration as well as that of any  living space, be it personal or professional.

The Ripple Effect  1The photos featured here are from the ” The Ripple Effect ” collection and are available to purchase as Limited Edition Fine Art prints mounted on Aluminum direct from the artist. For a limited period Stephen is offering a very generous  50% discount off gallery prices on all prints ordered through my website.

36″ x 24″ Limited Edition Fine Art Print =  £725 (usually £1450)

30″ x 20″ Limited Edition Fine Art Print = £625 (usually £1250)

20″ x 24″ Limited Edition Fine Art Print = £525 (usually £1050)

Plus Post&Packing – International Shipping available

For more information and to view further prints from the collection, please email Stephen on beyondtheveil22 [AT] gmail.com and mention Sarah McAllister.

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