Feng Shui for Self-builders, and Alpacas…

Feng Shui for Self-builders, and Alpacas…

Spring is in the air and thoughts turn to creating new builds or planning your garden, and to make use of the finer weather and longer days to come. So, what is the process of applying Feng Shui to a self-build project? Happily, I have decades of experience and have helped with the feng shui for eco-builds near Bath, new mansion homes in Notting Hill and Kent, entire renovations in London and Guernsey and more recently the fengshui design of an entirely new Alpaca farm, including the flatpack home on the same plot of land, for the young entrepreneurial couple creating their pastoral dream.  My work is definitely varied, that’s for sure!

  1. First things first – Plot Selection

I know, I know, I am an idealist… I want clients to come to me before they even have selected their plot of land…but what usually happens is that they have fallen in love with a plot and already bought it, or inherited it or just had a good feeling about it. If presented with a choice of plots, then DO CONTACT ME to help you select the best one. 

Why? Because Feng Shui is not only about the internal layout and building design, but very much about the natural environment and energy flow. Some plots have better natural feng shui form than others, so it is best to get my expert eye before making an offer that you will regret further down the line. 

2. Master Planning and Zoning BEFORE Planning Application

We need a reasonable idea of what the local planners might accept (and we can help you with that and even provide a feng shui friendly architect in most areas of UK and even overseas) – so that we don’t come up with a master plan that will never pass muster. Having said that, this is the time to really push for THE BEST feng shui design possible, in the landscaping and the location of the house. Currently, a feng shui client of mine in London is applying to the local council to bring his driveway in from the other side of the front garden – as per my recommendations. This involves lowering the public pavement so that cars can drive in, but it is indeed possible, and will bring an entirely different feel to the energy circulation of the home.

But I digress. Planning. Yes, always seek out Feng Shui consultant’s advice before submitting to the planning committees. We can still help tweak details even if you have already had your designs drawn up and approved, but am just letting you know we can help right from the outset. 

3. Power sources 

Have you considered alternatives to being powered by the main grid. Would you like to achieve a certain level of self-sufficiency? 

4. Water ‘Dragons

Do you have an underground water source to bore, and is there any visible water like rivers, lakes, streams, flood plains etc.? Feng Shui values water because it brings vital energy and therefore increased likelihood of prosperity but it has to be managed well and has quite a few rules to adhere to in terms of its location, direction, size, flow rate and even the sound it makes… you don’t want a tsunami, but neither do you want a mere trickle. 

5. Entrances and exits – Water Dragon methods

How the flow of energy comes in from the nearest road, is really really important or in the case of some of my projects, where are we going to even put the new road that then accesses our property…?  Don’t just think in terms of what is… but what could be…

6. House Design – Flying Stars, Kuas & Palaces…

Applying a variety of feng shui techniques to the size, shape, orientation and internal layout, we will design your dream home that is not only gorgeous, but also zinging with beautifully optimised feng shui chi life-force energy.

7. Suitability for occupants – Chinese Astrology

We always bear in mind the unique 5 Element profile of the occupants and the Kua of the year of birth, so that the house supports the occupants as much as possible. 

8. Landscape Design – Classical Form, Imperial Heaven Stars, Water Dragons…

Luckily, planners seem less concerned with what happens in the landscaping, so even if you didn’t hire us in time to help design your home prior to planning approval, the landscaping can usually be easily modified to create the best external feng shui, which in turn influences the quality of energy inside the property. 

The above loosely applies to larger scale commercial projects too, so if we can help you do please get in touch here….the sooner the better! 

Sarah x


Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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