The Feng Shui Date for Earth Day April 22nd 2013

The Feng Shui Date for Earth Day April 22nd 2013

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The roots of my Feng Shui skill lie in observation and deep enjoyment of nature because the Five Elements on which Feng Shui techniques are based, are so very much alive in the natural world.

So I am always happy to promote fantastic organisations such as Earth Day Network, which does great work to raise awareness of environmental issues and how to better reduce our impact on this beautiful sacred planet that keeps on giving and never asking for anything in return.

I chose the photo of Sedona to illustrate this post as it is an area of Arizona in the USA that has incredibly strong earth energy in the form of beautifully energising vortexes. I spent 10 days there in August 2012 tuning in with the earth and various incredible sacred Native American sites there – it thoroughly rejuvenated me and further deepened my awareness of the power of Feng Shui, no matter which country I travel to, there is always earth energy to study… and that is Feng Shui, the study of Earth, Heaven and Human.

If we consider Feng Shui as Environmental Design, rather than get stuck on the pronounciation of the words or any cultural implications (you can use Feng Shui in the West!) we can see a more immediate application to our lives because we all intuitively understand how important our relationship with our surroundings is to our happiness and health. And once we understand that the terminologies used are not meant to be taken literally but are used as potent symbols to depict ENERGETIC PRINCIPLES then it really starts to come alive. The Chinese created incredibly insightful Feng Shui and Chinese Medicine systems that got to the core of energetic dynamics in health, life, farming, politics…and these systems are available to us to help us better manage our energy in life, work and play.

Looking at the Feng Shui of the Date itself – Plenty of Earth & Fire support.

Rather beautifully the day itself is in the Fire Dragon month  and Dragon is a yang Earth animal, and falls on an Earth Horse day, providing yet more Earth element to support the overall energetics of the theme of the day. There is the presence of yang Heaven Fire and also the Horse element is primarily yang fire too, as well as having an Earth type on this day. This means that the day is well supported with naturally good energy suitable for its purpose. It should also be a very productive day according to the kua elements. And it also falls within the Pure Earth chi period of the Dragon month, not the wood or water days.

This is a great example of natural energy flow, and rather than leave it to chance alone by selecting a random date and hoping for the best, it is always more powerful to be conscious of the energies. Perhaps they had a Feng Shui Date Selection specialist choose the date, or perhaps it just happened naturally, who knows?!

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that Feng Shui is not just about space, topography and design but also about timing and seasonal cycles. When we carry out Feng Shui changes to the space is just as important as the type of changes we recommend. I have successfully used Date Selection principles to help people have children, launch successful award winning businesses and go for job interviews and many more situations. It really is fascinating and very effective.

For more information on Earth Day please see

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