Feng Shui and Restoring the Dead to Life

Feng Shui and Restoring the Dead to Life

History is saturated with myths and legends about heroes & heroines overcoming odds, miracles being performed and wizards & witches performing alchemical magic. From David and Goliath to the legend of Arthur & Merlin, and both the Pagan and Christian Easter traditions, humankind instinctively reaches for the seemingly miraculous. Or at the very least, the chance to be re-born. Re-shaped. Resurrected. 

Restoring the Dead to Life

In the Imperial Feng Shui methodology that I practice, we have terms like “Restoring Dead to Life” and “Creating from Nothing – the Mystery of the Void” which are ways to approach situations to fundamentally transform them and reverse a negative spiral into positive momentum.

What does all this mean in practical terms? To answer that we need to look at life force…

The ancient Chinese were experts in understanding Chi (Ki, Qi, Prana, Lifeforce, Orgone, The Spirit That Moves Through All Things…) and one of the fundamental premises of life is that of Yin and Yang.

All life is created by polar opposites coming together and then it is kept productive by moving in cycles and returning to balance.

At its simplest level, if you have too much yin energy in your home, you can become depressed, weepy and fearful. If you have too much yang energy you can become hyperactive, arrogant and stressed.

The advanced classical Feng Shui I practice is largely based on the 64 hexagrams. These are based on the Five Elements and a variety of configurations of yin and yang energies.

A yin line is expressed as a broken line and a yang line as a solid line – see the image below. This is two trigrams of Earth over Thunder. There is one yang line and five yin lines, representing new life.

If this all sounds a bit abstract, then consider how Physics, Mathematics and computer language is underpinned by the concept of yin and yang ( – / +, negatively charged atoms & positively charged atoms, binary code 01010111000 etc.)

This hexagram relates to the first of the rising yang energy, hence it is related to a source of power or source of chi. It is one of the “Restoring the Dead to Life” hexagrams and would be found in a very precise direction in your home or garden. Activating that location would help to bring more energy into your property and then over time that energy would be received into your aura and your life. You might even find that the hexagram of your date of birth has a special relationship with this one, which would make it even more powerful, as there is already a natural connection.

This is a tiny fraction of an advanced Feng Shui technique, that helps to powerful transform the energy in your life.

After all, sometimes we really need to go back to basics and start over don’t we? I know several times in my life I have felt literally ‘born again’… and I have definitely ‘created from nothing’…

This knowledge helps us to more consciously direct our lives. Rather than be at the mercy of life, we can awaken to the mystery of the void, i.e. the mystery of creation. It isn’t a means to control everything, not at all, but to nudge the dial into the direction we prefer or are guided towards. There is an unseen world at work after all, which is often referred to as magic, but is actually just a wonderful way of directing your energy and attention. When you become more attuned to the invisible energies in your life, it does start to feel more magical, light, fun and inspiring.

Transformation is available to us when we understand our true core essence

I came across this lovely blog post by a woman called Bonnie Greenwell, which provides a great summary of a book called “Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic” by Adyashanti.

Bonnie writes “He (Adyashanti) says churches have ignored the sacred and the true potential for understanding how all of us are the sons and daughters of God, and instead limit that potential for the divine to the man Jesus, and tend to preach politics, morality and guilt, rather than transformation.”

No-one is saying all churches/religions do this, but a lot of them do, and rather than cultivate the freedom and creative potential of followers to enjoy the present and to love themselves and their community in meaningful ways, a lot of preachers keep people disempowered and thinking that their salvation can be purchased with their donations (or achieved through martyrdom etc.).

True inner transformation is a very private matter and is strictly an ‘inside-job’ – no-one but you can do the work. But that doesn’t mean we can’t seek out help and advice.

In having Feng Shui expert guidance, you can create an environment that supports you energetically. This means you are much more likely to be able to restore your balance after a challenging day. Instead of coming home to physical and energetic chaos surrounding you that further depletes you, you can snuggle on your favourite sofa in a Feng Shui designed living room or go rest on your bed that is aligned to your supportive directions etc. Or just sit in your garden to enjoy the peaceful murmuring of a water feature we placed in a very specific Feng Shui direction and breath in good strong energy instead of depleted or weak energy.

Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology

In having an awareness of the astrological influences on your energy,  you can boost your performance by focussing your attention in specific ways for best results. It doesn’t mean you will never encounter any obstacles ever again, but it does mean that you aren’t being hampered by a negative environment, or trying too hard to take action towards a goal at the wrong time.

If you’d like to breathe some life into your home or business and restore your mojo and enjoy your own style of a resurrection, then please do contact me to discuss how Feng Shui & Chinese Horoscopes might be able to assist you.

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Happy Easter, however you choose to mark the occasion!



Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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