Welcome to the 9th Fate…why the chi is changing and why your Feng Shui needs a tune-up…

Welcome to the 9th Fate…why the chi is changing and why your Feng Shui needs a tune-up…

Stars It is not that obvious to many, but Feng Shui is as much about timing as it is about the layout of space. WHEN you take action and implement my advice is just as important as HOW and WHERE in the home or office.

When you consider that nature has its regular cycles, and that Feng Shui is all about the dynamics of nature, then it is no surprise that ENERGY or ‘chi’/ ‘life force’ / ‘prana’ also has its time cycles. 

In 2016 we complete the 8 Fate period and enter the 9 Fate period. This means that the Flying Star configurations will alter significantly because the Flying Star calculation changes – in fact, the very name Flying, means ‘changing over time’… I love the Chinese language, it is so graphic and literal, yet also somehow still subtle.

New Cures, Maybe New Colours etc.

Some of you reading this will be clients of mine who live in a NE-SW property and I will have given you cures for the 8 fate to ‘drain’ the stuck Earth etc. The way to harmonise the chi will now be different in the 9 fate than it was in the last 21 years! Colours might need to be changed, activities in each area could also need some fine tuning – you might even need to move your home office or use the spare bedroom instead of the master bedroom – it is impossible to say what your options are without visiting the property again and performing a Feng Shui “Tune-up”.

Not all techniques respond to time, so the basic ‘constitution’ of a property will remain the same and the physical form (at its most basic use) is not related to time – some more advanced form techniques work with time, but most don’t.

Annual Tune-ups

Annual Tune-ups are brilliant to have whichever fate you are in, just to make sure things are as good as they can be. I am soon to make my monthly retainer more available and payable via subscription, so that people can benefit from my knowledge and careful expertise on an ongoing basis… and spread the cost.

So, I would strongly recommend you book in for either an Annual Tune-up or a 9 Fate Prep service or both!

ONSITE – I travel to your property

Annual Tune-up Onsite £495

9 Fate Prep Onsite £495

Buy both for £680

REMOTE – I assess your floor plans from existing client record

Annual Tune-up Remote £295

9 Fate Prep Remote £295

Buy both for £397

Please note I am only able to offer Remote services to existing clients – for all new clients I need to travel to your property and be onsite to feel and measure the energy there. 

Please use the Contact Us form to indicate your interest in this service or call the office on 0844 848 4099 (UK Callers only). For enquirers from overseas please call +44 779 618 5136.




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