Feng Shui Disasters and their Beautiful Outcomes

Feng Shui Disasters and their Beautiful Outcomes

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London, 21st June 2012It is trendy these days for coaches to say ‘there is a season for everything’… but they have no real system to substantiate that statement – the Chinese Five Element wisdom in your horoscope can literally show you the RIGHT SEASON, the RIGHT TIME to take inspired action.

Heaven is massive and still mostly unfathomed! The Chinese created elegant systems to engage with and listen to and communicate with this powerful energy. 

The Earth is still sleeping a little, so there is plenty of time to have your tune up with me. I am taking bookings for February 20th onwards to travel to your home or office and perform an onsite tune-up. Usually £495 plus VAT – this pre-pay offer is only £395 inc. VAT.

Please see more information on all this below – but for those action takers who don’t like to scroll, here are the offers!!

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I can also offer a remote tune-up for you over the next few months, but only if you are an existing client and are at the same property. Usually £295 plus VAT – this online offer is only £195 inc. VAT.

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I rarely discount, but do so seasonally and when I feel I want to be more accessible, as I know some of you love my work, but tell me your husband won’t like you paying for it etc. or you genuinely don’t have much cash left over each month… but what you need to consider is the VALUE ADDED….

Some women spend £1500-£5000 plus on a beautiful handbag… then they try to bargain with a massage therapist or their feng shui advisor…!  I am not judging this behaviour, but at the same time I am highlighting a real misunderstanding of value. The massage therapist keeps you healthy and the Feng Shui consultant keeps you connected to good energy and wisdom that in turn keeps you healthy, abundant and wise.  Priceless…

Here is an example of a lovely client of mine who simply forgot about the horoscope chart advice as the Feng Shui I did worked so well for her, she achieved her dreams (video testimonial to follow soon once I find a VA who can help me compress it!) and ditched the non-committed boyfriend and found new love and was now engaged.  That is clearly of priceless value to her.

This is what I wrote back in 2010 to her about this year 2014:


2014 (Wood Horse) 1/9
This is a wood horse year and the wood combines to earth with your chart, which is not a supportive element, so I would not plan anything too ambitious this year as it is likely to exhaust you. The horse is also not your supportive element (fire) so you will need to take care of your health and make sure you don’t suffer from depression. Plan plenty of relaxing and rejuvenating holidays this year so that you can transform the chi and not be at its mercy.
[Fast forward Oct 2014] I would therefore strongly advise you sell this property and consider another in W/NW London and near water – somewhere like Maida Vale would suit you with its canals….or if that is beyond your price point then Islington (N) also has water….
Or in the East such as Canary Wharf, though I think W/NW better for your career.

And this is my client’s response:
“Thank you so much for taking the time out to look at my chart! So you were bang on with your note about this year. It really has exhausted me and it is definitely not my year at all. Works have still not started back up and I am thinking of suing the management company for time wasted and the way they handled the whole thing from the beginning”  N.G. Deutsche Bank


How do you think I felt when I started to realise the full impact of her latest property choice and the timing of it? I wouldn’t go so far as to say responsible (although believe me, in the past I have felt that way but am now better with boundaries)…. but I did feel so sorry that I had not been in more pro-active contact with her, constantly reminding her (and others) of the value of having this knowledge and working with it actively.

It is like anything in life, we have to be ACTIVE not PASSIVE. I can’t just come around and wave a crystal and all will be well (although on a good day my benevolent presence does cause some amazingly good things to happen!!) – mostly the client needs to take a number of actions.

We do offer a “Done for You” service to bring in plants/move furniture/organise garden designers/architects/interior designers, buy the correct water features etc. but most people like to do the actions themselves as it makes them feel like they are doing something positive and connecting themselves to the property.

Anyhow, far be it from me to want to SCARE anyone into hiring my services…AND YET... I do see the need to INFORM people about the negative effects of bad feng shui, so that they feel motivated to DO SOMETHING and not just wait for the crap to enter their life but to be proactive and PREVENTATIVE.

Does this mean nothing bad happens after a consultation? Of course not. Life is meant to be colourful and teach us along the way, but it is not meant to be constant struggle, constant illness, depression, tension, arguments…. This is where Feng Shui can be helpful, and in all honesty, to be the most effective, the FULL RANGE of services, Horoscope (Heaven chi), Feng Shui (Earth Chi) and Coaching on Mindset/Nutrition/Exercise/Application of your Feng Shui/Horoscope etc.  (Human Chi)   

That is when the best service can be provided to support you in the most optimum way.

Don’t become one of the Feng Shui casualties at the mercy of unnecessary suffering. Take Empowered Action and hire us to help you.

Don’t do DIY Feng Shui – this is not about pink chiffon, candles and decluttering (though having a good tidy up and sort out helps, of course!!) – there is so much to this work. You don’t have a spare 16 years to catch up with my level of knowledge and experience?!  So many people call in and say they are confused and can’t take a compass reading… Would you DIY a brain surgery….clearly, no…. Let MY expertise support you so that you can shine brilliantly in YOUR field of expertise….

Feng Shui Disasters…… and BEAUTIFUL OUTCOMES 

Couples wasting £40k on unsuccessful IVF treatment as they were attempting pregnancy at the wrong time.
Beautiful Outcome (using my Date Selection on another round of IVF they became pregnant and this confirmed that the woman was capable….whereas before they were not sure..sadly that foetus miscarried the day the protective charm broke… but they were encouraged as before she could not even get pregnant and now they have twins!)

4 yr old Child not sleeping well and regularlywaking up at 4am and bouncing into Mum & Dad’s bedroom!
Beautiful Outcome – We moved her tiny little bed, aligned it to a good Kua and from that very night she slept through and the Mum contacted me 6 weeks after saying it is lasting – the parents can finally get a good nights sleep! Can you put a price on that?!! I don’t think so….

Troubled Young Boy sleepwalking & aggressive – due to sleeping under a sloping ceiling right next to the bedroom door and a few other energetic/spiritual dynamics.
Beautiful Outcome – after moving the bed and performing a Spiritual Space Clearing on the house and the child, he slept far better, was happier and more mellow – even the initially sceptical father had to admit the change was noticeable.

Couples divorcing because the position of the man was very weak and there were 9-7 argument stars in a fire/water clash kitchen.  Sadly it was too late for them as they had not asked me in time.

Attracting Losers & Troublemakers at the NE Ghost Gate front door until we repainted the door in the correct colour & invoked protection.
Beautiful Outcome – her depression lifted, she started getting far better contacts and is now deeply in love and living mostly in Africa with her man!

Breast Cancer from occupying a room with active Severe Sickness AND underground geopathic stress.
Beautiful Outcome – She moved to a better room, her condition improved and she found a great art studio in a good place for her in London.

Losing Cash Fast in business from using the wrong door into the premises..
Beautiful Outcome – she started using the best door and saw a 30% reduction in business outgoings!

and dozens more examples…

My readership is mostly women, so forgive me guys, but if your hubby thinks Feng Shui is unscientific, he should take a look at my calculations, methodology and criteria!

In 2015 I am up levelling the business and providing much more comprehensive and pro-active support to those that want REAL change and REAL leadership from me to help them achieve their goals. This will be priced similarly to other high end coaching programmes, as the transformations are priceless.

So, I really encourage you, if you have been thinking about it, make the time NOW to take inspired action for positive change and beautiful outcomes!!  

Thank you for listening.

Lots of love, Sarah x


Those Offer links again are:
I am taking bookings for February 20th onwards to travel to your home or office and perform an onsite tune-up. Usually £495 plus VAT – this pre-pay offer is only £395 inc. VAT.

Price Options

I can also offer a remote tune-up for you over the next few months, but only if you are an existing client and are at the same property. Usually £295 plus VAT – this online offer is only £195 inc. VAT.

Price Options

If you need advice sooner then contact us.

And for the Chinese Horoscope offer: