Feng Shui of Bedroom Lighting for Deeper Sleep

Feng Shui of Bedroom Lighting for Deeper Sleep

Lighting is so important in our lives and I am so pleased to see that lighting companies are really evolving in their understanding of how light impacts the human being and they are modifying their bulbs and systems to be much more responsive to human needs. 

On Wednesday this week,  I was encouraged to hear a Feng Shui client of mine in London suggest the use of such bulbs to create responsive lighting in the bedrooms. Special bulbs and lighting controls can reduce the amount of ‘blue’ light as the evening wears on, just as naturally happens in our environment; the evening sun is more and more golden and not so white/blue and this then activates melatonin which encourages good sleep. Blue light emitted from laptops, smartphones and other devices prohibits melatonin production so our sleep cycles are disturbed.


As a modern day Feng Shui consultant I really enjoy keeping up to date with the latest advances in technology and research that help to bring nature into the home and built environment. To help my clients achieve the best bedroom feng shui possible, I always include a consideration of lighting in the most commonly used living spaces. This is part of the  Nikken Wellness Audit I do of a home, along with looking at the water and air quality and also the mattress quality  (more on this in separate posts to come this month).

Resources on the circadian bodyclock,  lighting and it’s connection to sleep…




So, you could invest in a new lighting system or just switch off your devices or change the screen light settings, or have candle light (supervised!!) in your room in the evening to relax more and more.

For fabulous daylight lamps for desk work during the day you can find none better than the flicker free LED Nikken Kenko Lights. I can order these for you as I have been a Nikken distributor for 10 years now.

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And, as ever, I would be delighted to help you with the Feng Shui Design of your home and bedrooms in particular so that you can align with the best chi for sleeping deeply.


Sarah x

“Initially, I thought it might just be coincidence, but six weeks on, I have to say that from the day you moved her bed my daughter has slept better and for longer. No more 4am starts! We are really pleased with the results. Thank you!” E Hobbs, Feng Shui client Holland Park, London, UK

“From the day we moved his bed to the suggested place, my son has slept through every night. He is also a lot happier and remarks how much he enjoys being in his room now. The entire house also feels somehow warmer and calmer. Even my husband, who at first thought me entirely mad for considering Feng Shui, had to admit that it has worked. We are thrilled.”      L. Borg, London Feng Shui client, UK 

“During my sleepovers I never used to feel rested, but now I feel a lot better and the whole feel of the place has changed for the better. Everyone remarks how lovely the place is now and my client is much happier”. Feng Shui client & Carer for an MS sufferer, London, UK.


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