Get set for 2012! Annual Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscope tune-up!

Get set for 2012! Annual Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscope tune-up!

I love this time of year where we prepare for the year ahead by starting to reflect on what went well, what could have been improved and how best to align to the chi of the next year. As Feng Shui is not only about spatial influences but also timing and how the chi of an environment changes over time, it is important to have regular tune-ups so that you can ensure your home or business premises is welcoming the good chi cycle instead of blocking it.

Similarly, your Chinese horoscope will need fine-tuning each year over and above what is included in a horoscope report, which gives a flavour of the year ahead but doesn’t go into greater depth. The Chinese horoscope tune-up will give you a month by month forecast with action tips based on your unique date, hour and location of birth.

Chinese Horoscope 2012 Detailed Forecast
Clients who have had their Ba Zi done by me (or another Chue style consultant) = £195 plus VAT.
Clients who have not yet had their Ba Zi chart done = £450 plus VAT (including original chart worth £295 plus VAT) making a saving of £55.

Feng Shui tune-ups
Remote (already visited your home or office) £180 plus VAT.
Onsite tune up £295 plus VAT for homes and £495 plus VAT for businesses.

Get in touch to commission your tune ups and get set for 2012! Hurry – don’t delay – all work needs to be completed by December 22nd to be most effective and after that at least by February 4th 2012.