Is your home overwhelming you? Feng Shui Expert Guidance Starter Session

Is your home overwhelming you? Feng Shui Expert Guidance Starter Session

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We all need a little objective help sometimes. Reading books on interior design, endless amounts of self-help websites, books on Feng Shui, colour therapy ideas etc. it can all get a bit much. This is why I now offer the chance to speak with me in person on a Feng Shui Starter Session that gives you more than a simple Discovery Call can, because I ask you to send me a floor plan and a postcode and I can give you my first thoughts on your home. 

In the 30 minute Skype/Facetime/telephone call we can take a look to see if Feng Shui can help you, and what that would look like.

What’s included?

  • A brief floor plan analysis preformed remotely (floor plan supplied by you)
  • Define any potential Feng Shui problems
  • Cut through the nonsense by explaining how Feng Shui might be able to help you and why
  • Explore possible Feng Shui solutions
  • 30 min. Skype/Telephone call

You get to know me more than just a website presence and this also lets me get to know you and provide you with some bespoke feedback that I can confidently deliver without a site visit. We can also discuss what a site visit would help with if you want to take that next step.

So, if you’d like help getting out of design or home moving overwhelm and into a clear strategy, just book in below with the Paypal button and we can work out a date and time to talk.

Sarah xx


Feng Shui Floor plan analysis



This service requires full payment upfront. All details you provide are fully confidential. We cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the floor plans you provide. You are required to disclose your full address. We also cannot accept any responsibility for errors in the directions at your property based on Google Earth readings.  This is not a substitute for a full professional consultation and advice on colours or astrology cannot be provided.  This fee is non-refundable. Payment of the fee is considered to be acceptance of these terms.