Long Flow our Gracious Queen…why Elizabeth II has been an everlasting Monarch…

Long Flow our Gracious Queen…why Elizabeth II has been an everlasting Monarch…

As the nation starts to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, I researched the Feng Shui of Buckingham Palace and also the Chinese Horoscope of our inspiring leader Queen Elizabeth II. I came to some very interesting conclusions that I’d like to share with you here.

The full in-depth technical article will be offered to specialist publications but the broad sweep is as follows:

Using the Power

The long narrow approach to Buckingham Palace brings powerful chi to the front gates in a direct funnel, usually associated with sha chi or poison chi.  The gates, roundabout and statue help to deflect the chi so that it doesn’t hit the palace entrance full force. A powerful family need a powerful residence and in fact are brought up to accept that they will inevitably attract criticism from some quarter, so having a house where the sha chi is managed is very suitable for such a dynamic. The form of the palace is also very strong in and of its own right, being such a large building. The expanse of nature (trees, lawns, lakes) around it help to create a large ‘lung’ of natural vitality energy circulating around and throughout the palace and also helping the air quality of neighbouring areas too.

Strong Female Energy

The NE-SW orientation since 1996 has been very stuck in terms of the Flying Star energies, but particularly when it comes to

female energy – the stuck earth 2-2, 5-8, 5-2 etc. throughout the central axis means a stubborn energy related to females. Even though the palace is a square with open centre, it will still hold this energy in the NE-SW orientation parts of the building.

The presence of Water in the SW is not ideal and is not supportive of the female but there is a larger mass of water in the NE and E to compensate and the river widens the further East it flows and the tidal nature of the river brings the chi back and forth.

In terms of the 24 Imperial Heaven Stars, Buckingham Palace occupies the  Kings Carriage position within London which is associated with movement, travel and activity, which is certainly a large aspect of Queen Elizabeth’s life as she still makes journeys throughout the world to act as our ambassador.

Chinese Horoscope of Queen Elizabeth II

Our monarch has a strong metal chart with two dragons and one tiger, both are animals associated with leadership and protection. Her strength is very hidden and reserved and she has the presence of the Peace Hexagram in her Day Pillar – I have always instinctively felt she has a huge reserve of internal peace and strength, and having now looked at her chart I can fully understand why this is the case.

My full article discusses the dynamics of the Five elements in her chart, showing that power (fire) is very beneficial to her and why her duty to her family is so intensely loyal (Family Pillar Lap Yang element & Hexagram) and why she is suited to the heavy burden of power upon her shoulders (Lonely Stars).

Now, why has her reign lasted so long?

Well, not only does she live in the most powerful buildings in the country (including Windsor, Sandringham and Balmoral) and has the perfect horoscope chart to handle power, but the date of her accession is very interesting too. Here we look at some simple Auspicious Date Selection concepts, upon which my full article elaborates.

6th February 1952 Princess Elizabeth was crowned Queen Elizabeth II

This was a Water Dragon Year which has the Lap Yang element of Long Flowing Water, which means continuous and everlasting and the 60 year Diamond Jubilee rather beautifully marks the 60 year cycle of the Chinese Stems/ Branches and is also another Water Dragon Year with the  Lap Yang Long Flowing Water.  Only now that I am writing this do I realise that my own Life House is Water Dragon, which could explain my interest in her life. Elizabeth also has in her month pillar (representing family) the Water Dragon, indicating an enduring relationship with family affairs, quite literally the Royal Family.

The day of the accession has three Heaven Water Stems, again rather beautifully reinforcing this principle of Long Flowing Water…continuous and everlasting….Long Flow the Queen!

Feng Shui, Date Selection and Chinese Horoscopes are three different Chinese wisdom systems that when linked together by a skilled and experienced specialist can be used to not only diagnose situations but also provide remedial and preventative advice for the future.

Researched & Written by Master Sarah McAllister May 2012. Copyright Feng Shui Agency Ltd 2012.

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