Shinrinyoku “Forest Bathing” can save billions in healthcare!

Shinrinyoku “Forest Bathing” can save billions in healthcare!

“The Woodland Trust’s chief executive has said increasing people’s access to green spaces could cut billions of pounds from the NHS healthcare bill. Sue Holden said it had been calculated that the NHS could save £2.1bn a year if everyone had access to green spaces.” Source

Feng Shui is the study of the human being’s connection to nature, to the earth and to the cosmos and the application of such study to the built environment.

When we are as fully aligned to good Earth chi via the Feng Shui of our homes and offices our energy has more natural vibrancy and better health.

Feng means ‘wind’ (air, oxygen, vital chi)  and shui means ‘water’ (fresh water, pooled water, channelled water) and both terms have many other meanings to depict the movement of energy within the world. Wind creates weather patterns and stirs things up and will stop or slow down when it encounters the resistance of water. To live harmoniously with nature we seek or design habitats that have protection from the weather and provide us with a source of water. Most days this will be from the tap or faucet, but there are still places in the world and residential properties with their own well or spring.

Open Sky Feng ShuiThe energies of Feng Shui are experienced as Yin/Yang and Five Actions or Five Elements – we can diagnose the health of a space with it’s ‘pulse of chi’ very similarly to how an acupuncturist diagnoses your condition by taking your pulse. We can see how the cyclical ‘Stars’  and the unchanging elements will be affecting your experience of living or working there.

Modern Wellness Technologies creating “Forest Bathing”!

How can you bring back this healthy feeling into your home? Well, there is a rather clever company called Nikken that has developed air filters that replicate the healing experience of being in a forest. For many years they have called this experience Shinrinyoku which this article also translates as “forest bathing” because woodland contains so much oxygen and healthy negative ions in the air.

Details can be found here at my personal Nikken website: Then navigate to SHOP NOW / BREATHE / KenkoAir and you will find the very latest air filter from Nikken called KenkoAir.  Due to Nikken’s own technical limitations I can’t send you directly to the product link itself, but you will find it easily enough by following above route through the web sections.  You can also easily create a LOGIN for yourself to make your purchase.

Balancing the Five Elements in Feng Shui

Contrary to popular opinion, we do not need to have every single element in a room or environment for it to be balanced. There does need to be an elemental harmony though and some elements work better with each other in a natural cycle. A well trained Feng Shui consultant can not only interpret the NATURAL energies in your environment but also the MANMADE energies which translate into elements too.


Water has a soothing auditory effect and can be used successfully even in small garden or exterior spaces like balconies and terraces. The trick with water though is to make sure it is in the right position and direction, and for that you need a feng shui consultant to help you – place it wrongly by reading the wrong advice or attempting ‘self-help or DIY Feng Shui’ and you will invite total disaster – I have seen people develop cancer, mental illness and suffer bankrupty as the result of a water feature in the wrong position. You have been warned!


Greenery is very soothing to the human psyche. Even adding large houseplants to a home can have a wonderfully calming effect. It amazes me though to see how some people keep hold of tiny bedraggled plants that have no energy whatsoever! Avoid unhealthy dying plants (obviously…) and cacti.


Even candles can have that beautifully heart-warming and romantic effect of a real open fire or a lovely contemporary gas flame fireplace. Fire is the element associated with the heart and with romance and it boosts our compassion for ourselves and for others. Fire pits are also a wonderful way to add Fire element, particularly in a garden design, and they must be positioned in a direction that suits or feeds the fire element.


Living in the country is a perfect way of connecting to the earth, or having a rural retreat to escape to at the weekends. If you live in a city and especially if you live high up in an apartment block,  you can reconnect to earth chi via magnetic technologies.  Again, Nikken are brilliant at helping bring Nature into your life by designing clever items and accessories that have magnets woven in. From travel blankets to mattress overlays, seat covers and shoe insoles! All these help us to ground and nourish our energy particularly if we suffer from stomach or spleen problems or overthinking and anxiety.


Silver and gold and stainless steel and bronze/copper items belong to the Metal element. White colour is also related to the metal element, so the classic ‘metal’ environment is a white art gallery with bronze statues everywhere and large metal orb lamps. In some cases an excess of one element can be appropriate, but in most cases we want a balance.

Elemental Imbalance creates Energetic Imbalance and Disease

When the elemental energies of your home or office are out of balance then you will needlessly suffer from minor or major illness, financial problems, relationship difficulties and all manner of other woes. Why risk this influence going unexamined?

I can help you by professionally assessing your space. Don’t leave it to chance or confuse yourself with self-taught Feng Shui. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

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