Does Feng Shui work?!

Does Feng Shui work?!

I am often asked by prospective Feng Shui clients “does it really work?”

Firstly, I point out that my website deliberately does not promote Feng Shui as a miracle cure. I only list benefits that my clients have reported or I have personally experienced. We are increasingly aware of the interconnectedness of our reality and experiences, so in some cases your problems will have their roots in many aspects of your life. Addressing only the Feng Shui will not be enough in some cases. It will be helpful, but more input on the Human level is required. Let me explain:

The Three Treasures

In classical Chinese metaphysics theory there are three types of luck – Earth, Human and Heaven.

Our Earth Luck is associated with our environment – how good is the Feng Shui around us both in terms of  the exterior influences, whether rural, urban or suburban and in terms of the interior arrangement. Feng Shui knowledge is classified as Earth Luck. How our houses or apartments or offices or commercial developments or even cities align with the surrounding ‘macrocosmic’ earth chi will influence the type of energy circulation within the building/complex or town etc. This in turn influences our personal magnetic or ‘microcosmic’ system. Then within the interior we look at how best to align our beds, desks, plants, lighting, sofa etc. If you have good Feng Shui then you have a 30% energy support in your life. But it doesn’t just stop at the physical space. Timing is of the essence in Feng Shui too and every building changes its chi with the natural cycles just as the sun rises and sets and the moon waxes and wanes. Ask any biodynamic farmer about the importance of natural rythyms and you start to understand the importance and relevence to the built environment. Feng Shui is not mumbo jumbo but a simple and profound study of natural energy or life force, prana, orgone, ki etc. Energy has many behavioural patterns and our job is to understand and dance with those energy patterns for our highest good.

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Human Luck

I never suggest to clients that I can solve all their problems, or if they are already successful that I can double their success. In my proposals to clients I firmly state that having a Feng Shui consultation is a two-way process and even though my visit can in itself (and even the initial phonecall) stimulate positive occurences and I can perform a few actions where appropriate, the main responsiblity (ability to respond) lies with the client. Unless you pay for our “Done for You” service, you need to organise certain actions to implement my recommendations – this is your Human chi being activated. You set about repainting the front door or organising for your pond to be filled in or moved, or purchasing a water feature etc etc. You take action to change your chi, or change your luck.

Your attitude is also fully under your control. This is your human chi. Are you constantly learning and challenging yourself or are you settling for the status quo, afraid to be moved or set outside your comfort zone? Are you up to speed on the latest self-help technologies or are you still looking for that perfect therapist/boyfriend/husband/wife to do the work for you?  Go to a workshop, read a new book, but above all IMPLEMENT.

Heaven Chi

This is the third treasure and relates more to your ‘fate’ or the uncontrollable aspect – we can to some extent control our choice of Feng Shui environment and significantly control our attitude, but life would be no fun without the unexpected! Heaven is very powerful. Maybe heaven has a plan for you? Maybe you have karma from past lives? You don’t need to subscribe to any religion to understand this aspect – anyone can see that ‘stuff happens’ and it can be wonderful or trying or both! This is Heaven Chi in action. By having strong Feng Shui (33.3%) and strong Human chi (33.3%) we are tipping the balance in our favour to succeed in our endeavours! Your horoscope will tell you more about the season to take action and to best align with Heaven Chi. This could literally be a particularly month, but we can also fine tune to the day and hour. And in countries with less marked ‘seasons’ there will still be subtle energy shifts observable in the behaviour of flora and fauna.

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So, the answer to the question, is yes, Feng Shui does work, but it is only one part of the greater puzzle of life – a very valid and often overlooked part. And I so wish town planners would take it more seriously – there – I have openly declared it! Bring me more town planners so that I can help build beautiful, prosperous, caring, healthy cities with them!! A-ho!