Feng Shui Master to Visit Amsterdam

Feng Shui Master to Visit Amsterdam






















I am excited about visiting Amsterdam between August 6th and 11th to provide #fengshui consultations to

homes and businesses. I do enjoy visiting Holland and have lectured at a design Master Class at St. Joost College in the beautiful Breda and been to Rotterdam and the lovely windmills there…

If you’d like to have me help you with your home or office or commercial premises or even a design project then please get in contact with Yolanda van Zuijlen via email on info@yoy4style.nl and she can give you more details and book your time slot.

I am busy on 8th and 10th but free so far on 7th, 9th and 11th – allow 3 hours from either 9-13h or 14-18h.

Thank you!