Balancing Yin & Yang to ward off Blue Monday

Balancing Yin & Yang to ward off Blue Monday

Today is supposed to be one of the most depressing days of the year, known as Blue Monday. Based on a calculation of weather in Northern Hemisphere, debt levels & ability to pay off debts, time elapsed since New Year’s Resolutions etc. – it is probably a bit of hype too, but there is an element of truth in it, as many people struggle with the New Year and also with Springtime, because they become anxious that nothing in their lives will change for the better.  Often the 3rd Monday in January, it is a time when the hype of the turn of the year has died down and IF you set resolutions, you might well have already abandoned them. You may even have a sneaking feeling of futility creeping in or even already suffered disappointments and setbacks early on in the year.

Some new year, you might be thinking! Can we please start 2019 again?! 

Personally, I had a pretty cruddy start to 2019, with a chest infection requiring antibiotics and it left me weepy (Lung energy is about grief in Traditional Chinese Medicine), despairing (optimism/pessimism is the other METAL element dynamic and Lungs belong to the Metal element).

Indeed, I felt VERY bleak at times. I had an incredibly busy & abundant November and December but the ‘negative’ of that is that I was doing so many Feng Shui consultations that I burned out and had already had an exasperatingly stubborn 6 week cough before Christmas.

In order to give myself a VITAL period of rest over Christmas and New Year, I had fallen behind on client reports, which felt cruddy. And to make matters worse, there were times when I was annoyed and impatient with myself for having allowed myself to get so ill! Thankfully, I soon realised that this was just me being unnecessarily harsh on myself and I delved into why that would be…

What came to me very clearly, is that being hard on myself is just another form of self-importance. It is also the opposite of self-pity. Whereas self-pity has a collapsing and yin feeling to it, being hard on yourself has a more active, energetic and yang quality to it, but essentially both are two sides of the same coin. Neither extreme serves us well in life.

Instead of swinging from one extreme to another, we need to always bring ourselves back into the present. Meditation and/or breath work or chanting can help us let go of the monkey mind and the internal chatter, and help us to be present. From this point of greater balance we can reach a point of self-acceptance and love ourselves through any difficult times. What then happens is a real commitment to making small changes and baby steps that all add up, instead of being hard on yourself or expecting too much too soon. Daily progress is often much more powerful than more dramatic sweeping changes.

What has this all to do with Feng Shui?

Well, Feng Shui isn’t just about space and the layout of space and how that influences the energy of our environment – Feng Shui at its core is the study of the energy of life, and of course that includes our mental and emotional and spiritual energy. Regrettably, there are many Feng Shui consultants who don’t look at the astrology of their clients but focus purely on the space. In doing this, they aren’t providing a comprehensive service, because the unique energy of the occupants of a space is vitally linked to their environment.

In looking at how the elements of your Chinese Astrology create a picture of your personality, strengths and weaknesses, you can learn how to understand yourself better and how to best prioritise. You can even see which times of year are most productive for you, and which times are likely to be draining and frustrating and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Each of the 5 Elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal relates to a specific body part and emotion and characteristic.

January is the Ox month governed by the Earth element, which still gives us some time to figure out what we want to do and how to create the systems and structures to get to our goals. Ideally, we need to get this all in place before the Chinese New Year on February 5th (or more accurately Spring Festival) where the earth energy starts to rise and that sacred sense of new beginnings sets in and nature wakes up from its winter sleep with crocuses and snowdrops in full bloom and daffodils on their way. Budding leaves start to be seen again on the bare trees and the great cycle of life is visibly more active once again.

If you would like to know what element you are and how your year is going to pan out, and where you can best focus your time and energy, then do please get in touch!

My next blog post will be on FLOW and RESISTANCE and how to develop a more connected relationship to being in the flow of life. Until then, be gentle on yourself!

Sarah x


Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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