Beat the Flu – Chinese & Japanese Style…. :)

Beat the Flu – Chinese & Japanese Style…. :)

Goodness me there are too many of my friends and clients with this terrible flu, so I thought it might help to provide a few tips from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective and a dose of Feng Shui too! Even I have had two colds one week apart, most unusual for me, so am starting on the fresh ginger tea!

1) Lemon & Ginger tea is very useful for expelling viruses because ginger expels damp and congestion in the body (where the viruses gain their foothold) and lemon helps to alkalise the body so that the immune system can function better. A convenient way of drinking this is to buy lemon/ginger tea bags (Twinings do a nice one and am sure there are some organic brands too) then add some FRESHLY chopped/grated ginger and a few slices of lemon – keep filling up teapot throughout the day with new boiling water. 

2) Small dabs of Tiger Balm under nose, on temples and on throat and under ears. Obviously if you have allergies to its contents then don’t hold me responsible, but I find it works wonders. A little spread on chest/bronchial area also helps decongest the whole area. By the way, Tiger Balm can also help with tension headaches by rubbing it into the neck and tops of shoulders and there are some white balms/lotions that can be used for this as they do not stain clothes like the red balm does…(I ruined a lovely silk teeshirt once with the red balm!!)

3) Movement – even a gentle walk around the park or a few yogic stretches is preferred to nothing at all as the body will heat up a little during exercise and further remove damp.

4) If you can manage it get to the gym/spa so you can have a STEAM or Sauna to clear out the nose/lungs. Or just put head over bowl of steaming water.

5) Avoid sugar as this weakens the immune system – instead have fruits and lots of vegetable soups.

6) Avoid wheat and dairy as both are mucus forming which further encourages damp.

7) Try a pumpkin and aduki bean stew to drain fluid retention from body.

8) Keep well hydrated with warm to hot water – never drink iced water even when healthy!

9) Have an Epsom Salt bath (2-3 cups) and stay in for at least 20 mins and fully submerge yourself and visualise being cleansed by the salt. Drink lots of warm water as this will detox you. After drying yourself wrap up in clean dry blankets and get straight into bed where you will start to sweat and keep the detox going for about 30 mins.

Use the illness as a chance to detox your body and make a new start. And when you do recover burn some tea tree oil or frankincense oil to cleanse the space and change your bedsheets so you are not sleeping in the sickness.

Hope the above helps!

And please take reasonable precautions with all the above or consult your GP if in doubt.


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