Feng Shui for Radiant Health

Feng Shui for Radiant Health

Did you know that Feng Shui is one of the “8 Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)“? The ancient Chinese were masters of holistic thinking, with a natural understanding of how all aspects of life are interconnected to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. The other 7 ‘branches’ of TCM are energy work (meditation & qi gong), movement (t’ai chi, moxibustion, cupping), diet (nutrition), Chinese Astrology (cosmology), bodywork (tuina massage/acupressure etc.), herbal medicine, and acupuncture.

Body Parts & Directions

See the above illustration – Feng Shui principles even get really specific about certain areas of a home affecting the energy and health of correlated body parts and organs. For example the South part of the inside of a property is related to the heart (represented by the trigram of the Fire element) so if you have bathrooms or clutter or stagnant water in this direction there is an increased likelihood of heart related problems (heart disease, heart attack, anxiety, depression & sadness or lack of joy and inability to feel love).

Of course, cynics won’t see any reason for this to be true, but those who understand natural energy will be able to comprehend the connection – in the Northern Hemisphere, the South is the lightest & brightest and usually the hottest direction, based on the sun’s path across the world. The heart is linked to heat & movement (circulation of blood, emotional warmth) which are all fire element qualities, as opposed to the kidneys & ears which are associated with the water element and have a cooler quality to the chi and are associated with the North direction which is the Water direction. The qualities of water are coolness, depth and night time/darkness and the emotions are fear/courage – just like the North direction which is darker and cooler and is where the sun doesn’t reach at night. Just taking these two examples shows us a clear correlation of logic. It is not fanciful thinking, simply an honouring of nature and her rhythms and energy flow.

This is REAL house doctoring, and for the visionary property developers and home builders or hotel investors out there, Feng Shui offers a thousands of years old tried and tested way to create wellbeing environments.

BUT I caution you to get my expert help, because otherwise you might find yourself getting anxious. There are many more layers of influence that only a professional will be able to detect and assess. “One swallow doesn’t make a summer” as the saying goes, so don’t freak out if you have negative energy in a direction and get all fearful about imminent ill health. Your year of birth, the physical form, the flying star readings and your personalised astrology all make a difference too as to whether or not you are likely to be affected. 



One of the fundamental practices of Feng Shui is to find the Sang chi (vitality) energy and channel it towards the home (or commercial building/office).  Feng literally translates as wind and shui literally translates as water. What they mean from a metaphorical point of view is that wind is a stimulating force and water acts as an attracting & storing energy. There needs to be a good balance of both activation and holding of energy. Sometimes the movement created by water features is used to activate energy, but they work best when there is also a pool of water for the fountain to collect into and store the chi. As with so many Feng Shui principles, they are all relative to the context. What can be yin in one context can be considered yang in another context etc. etc. which is why you need to get the help of a professional like myself, rather than self-diagnose.

A few very simple and common sense tips to boost vitality in your home are:

  • Keep the front door clear of clutter – the front door is the mouth of the home and needs to be able to open easily to bring energy in.
  • Keep the hallway free of clutter so the door opens fully – hallways are literally like the arteries of the home – they mustn’t become clogged up or else the chi can’t circulate.
  • Keep the front door clean and well maintained, ideally with a gloss paint and bright shiny brass or chrome ‘door furniture’.
  • Place some upward growing (not trailing or spiky) live evergreen plants either side of your door.
  • Keep the area free of weeds & junk and keep it well lit, even at night.

Once these basics have been taken care of,  I can come along to apply expert cures and suggestions that require years of training and yet more years of experience to discern correctly.

Mental Health & Emotional Balance

The Feng Shui way of life can really really help people put things into perspective, which helps people to loosen the grip of their problems so that they can rethink solutions and see new possibilities. Increasingly, I provide more and more Feng Shui Life Coaching to people who want a new perspective into their strengths and weaknesses and the scenarios that life deals us (and those that we co-create with life).

The Five Elements & Emotions

In my “Heart of You” workshop I held earlier in the year I went through the Five Elements and their emotions and how this relates to your Chinese Astrology and what can be done to balance your emotions.

Briefly, water relates to courage/fear, wood relates to patience/anger, fire relates to joy/emptiness, earth relates to feeling grounded/worry and metal relates to optimism/pessimism.

I know from my clinical days as a Shiatsu practitioner that these Five elements are very very real in our body and that Chinese metaphysics are astonishingly insightful about how we circulate natural energy in our body. We are, after all, very much part of nature.

Due to the time, day, month and year of your birth, each one of you has a stronger tendency towards two or three of the elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Someone with core fire energy is great at PR and marketing and positioning themselves with famous people, whereas someone with core water energy is much more of a dreamer and reclusive type. Knowing which elements then support your core energy is vital for understanding which careers suit you best, which physical environments and climates support you best and even which health challenges you are more likely to encounter during life, and when.

Here, I have scratched the surface of an immense subject.

If you are serious about changing your life for the better or building upon existing success then do Contact Me to see if you qualify for a complimentary 20 minute Discovery Call.

I’d also be happy to consider more SPEAKING opportunities on the topic of Feng Shui for Health, so do drop me a line if you are looking for experienced speakers for an event or for staff training or corporate away days.

Thanks, Sarah x

Disclaimer: In no way do I offer cures or promise to fix illnesses or seek to substitute professional medical advice. I simply invite you to get curious about an ancient traditional knowledge system and consider receiving the advice of a trained expert that could potentially help you become healthier.

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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