Autumn Feng Shui of Letting Go and Organisation

Autumn Feng Shui of Letting Go and Organisation

Let it Go beach wavesWith the onset of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, the chi is starting to contract and condense, and it is a great time for organisation and elimination. Autumn is associated with the Metal Element in Feng Shui and the metal element is linked to the organs of the skin, large intestine and lungs.


Letting Go

It is a brilliant time for colonic irrigation to clear out the innards and also for more skin brushing than usual, so that we can settle into winter without any unnecessary congestion or toxins. We can also get clearer on what projects need some TLC (tender loving care) at this time to bring them into focus and completion in the final quarter of the year. And we can eliminate those activities which either are no longer relevant or need to be put on the back burner.

Emotional Boundaries

We find a natural tendency towards mental focus and a thirst for academic pursuits, so it is a great time for children to start back at school. The metal season of Autumn is also a great time to renew our mental and emotional boundaries (the symbolic skin) and to get organised.

Organising Your Environment

Organising your environment is the first step towards organising your life, for without a supportive space it is harder to create focus and productivity. Spring and Autumn are wonderful times to declutter, and while there is so much more to Feng Shui than decluttering, it is still a really important thing to do regularly. We really do function far better when our office and home are organised and easy to live in. It is common sense, but you’d be amazed how many people live in a constant state of clutter and overwhelm as they think they always have a higher priority than sorting out their living or work space… This is a costly mistake, as our brain gets really stressed subconsciously when our space is a mess and this costs us greatly in terms of reduced clarity and energy.

Going Paperless

I have been enjoying going as paperless as possible over the last year or so, culling my filing from about 100 lever arch files to now only 20 and fewer every month. Here is a fabulous guide to going paperless by former performer turned entrepreneur Christine Kane.

Feng Shui tune-ups

Autumn is a great time to prepare for the coming year by preparing for any fine tunings you need in your feng shui. As the energies shift each year and month in a big way (and each day and hour and minute too!), it is worth having a professional consultant take a look at the chi of your home well before the Winter Solstice around 21/22nd December.

My London and UK Feng Shui clients benefit from tune-ups in person, but I also offer remote feng shui ‘Starter Sessions’ to new clients for only £75. Click here for details and to book your Starter Session 


Chinese Horoscope Supportive Element

For those with Chinese Horoscope charts that benefit from the Metal element, they enjoy a general effortless boost in energy and confidence during this time or experience heightened creativity, depending on which type of chart they have.

Natural Living

Nature provides us with so much beautiful energy and understanding your Self-Element from your Chinese Horoscope gives so many people such confidence in their approach to themselves, life, others, their partners, clients, events and all the situations life presents us!

I’d love to help you with your horoscope and offer a Starter Session for only £75 ($114) or the full chart is £368 ($497) and the chart plus four 1-1 sessions of coaching is only £986.00 ($1497).

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Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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