Biophotons, feng shui cures and light therapy to banish the winter blues

Biophotons, feng shui cures and light therapy to banish the winter blues

KenkoLightIn the Northern hemisphere we are hunkering down in good old British style, coats all buttoned up, hoods and collars grasped close as we head out into the chill winds on these short days that are getting darker and darker. Many people have a physical reaction to the reduction in light called SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which can give rise to feelings of depression and despair simply because the body is not receiving enough daylight.

Modern research shows increasingly how we have a relationship between our body and light via the transfer of biophotons – “indeed, the human body emits biophotons, also known as ultraweak photon emissions (UPE), with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye. While not visible to us, these particles of light (or waves, depending on how you are measuring them) are part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum (380-780 nm) and are detectable via sophisticated modern instrumentation.”  [1],[2]

Luckily, there is a very smart solution at hand from the genius environmental wellness company Nikken which increases the amount of FULL SPECTRUM light at our desk or at our bedside – wherever we use the KENKOLIGHT (image left)  and means that we effortlessly absorb better light quality during our working day when many people have to stay in an office 9-5 whether employees or freelance. Even just 20 minutes a day with this lamp can help to boost your mood because it stimulates the effect of natural sunlight.

Seeing as environmental conditions and influences make up such a large part of my Feng Shui practice, my company Feng Shui Agency has been a distributor of Nikken lamps, magnetic mattresses, air filters and water filters for over 8 years. I really enjoy helping people with Feng Shui at an energetic level and it is also great to be able to help people at a very practical level to via these amazing wellness products from a hugely successful debt free company.

This could be a perfect Christmas present for a loved one struggling with winter blues or stuck in an office too long all day under lighting that can actually harm the body! This clever little lamp is only 50cm high at full extension and with a small base of approx. 16cm x 7cm and being very light in terms of weight and with longlasting LED bulbs it is one of the best daylight bulbs I have used over the years. It doesn’t flicker like some do and is not large heavy and unwieldy like some are but sleek, light and even folds away when not in use!


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For only £120 I think it is an absolutely no-brainer to safeguard your mood – if you used it over 4 months of winter it would work out as only £1.00 per day! No pills or potions…just beautiful full spectrum light to banish those winter blues!

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The full article is available here:


Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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