By the Power of the Stars. Autumn Feng Shui tips

By the Power of the Stars. Autumn Feng Shui tips

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Like in the Springtime, Autumn is an excellent time to declutter, in a mirror image of the bodily detoxification, you can simplify your life and get creative with your organisation.

The scent associated with Autumn is pungent – Cajeput, Eucalyptus and Siberian Fir essential oils are all pungent and the eucalyptus can help keep the space free from germs at this crossover seasonal time.

Prepare for Winter – make sure you have everything you need such as heating system in good order, logs, oil (if still using carbon fuels), and finish off outstanding projects so that you can enjoy the dreamy and introverted quality of winter more fully (at least if you live in a cold Northern climate). The seasons are more subtle along the equator and in warmer climates.

Metal element is very good at being organised and having healthy boundaries. It is a good time of year to be firm in your resolves and to stand up for yourself.

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The energies of nature shift with each new lunar and solar cycle and are called ‘Flying Stars’ and these can be applied to time and space. The below forecasts are only intended as general advice and are not to be substituted for full professional Auspicious Timing/Date Selection or Feng Shui for home/business readings. The general advice is still useful, but be mindful that the full bespoke service works more specifically with your unique date of birth or the unique orientation of your property.

Flying Stars for the month of the ROOSTER from  7th September to 7th October

  • Renewed focus on career/learning/academia is central to this month and the Southeast of the home or city is supportive to rapid growth in career. Those with a Water element (1) Lo Shu number will feel more productive and creative this month and must take care not to burn out.
  • To support career place 4 x bamboo in clear glass vase with water in the centre of the home.
  • Money is strong in the West this month but the sickness star affects finances in the Northwest, so you could face problems with creditors in Northwest area at this time. Wait until next month to renegotiate with them if this has happened.
  • The North has some Romance this month, but it is quite a weak influence as the North puts out the Fire of the flame.


StarsFlying Stars for the month of the DOG from 8th October to 6th November

  • Health of the stomach and spleen or womb could be compromised this month, so if you can avoid sleeping in the Southwest and move instead to a guest room that would be best.
  • Career is good in the East but make sure you are not taking jobs that have no soul or take you from your purpose.
  • Money could be tricky in the West this month but it is stronger in the Northeast, especially for seeding investments that become active later in the year or in a few years time. 6 Metal coins (English or Chinese or native currency) will be beneficially placed in the North of the home or in the North section of a study/home office or office.


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