Client WINS competitive SEALED BID with my Feng Shui knowledge

Client WINS competitive SEALED BID with my Feng Shui knowledge

keep calm and feng shui onHouse hunting can be very stressful, especially in London, where the market moves very quickly and is very competitive. I have to act very swiftly and do my best to fit in quick trips to properties to take vital Feng Shui compass measurements and ‘sense the chi’, that is impossible remotely. Even with excellent photos of a property online listings can be misleading and several times I have come across floorpans that are incorrect and even have the wrong North orientation on them!  

It is always best to hire me to see the fengshui of the property onsite – happily, there are some property listings that I can dismiss remotely and narrow down which are worth viewing in person. Estate agents in London range from polite yet disinterested and slightly worried my Feng Shui verdict will not be favourable(!) to wonderfully enthusiastic and eager to know more – those generally ask for my card. 🙂

Recently, I had the great pleasure to help a family that have been clients of mine for many years and I have helped them with timing for pregnancy (love that) and horoscope knowledge, lifting the chi at their current home with repainting and installation of a Raditech and a whole string of property selections. Finally we found what looks to me like a perfect home, after dismissing a home that ‘looked’ perfect but was not really suitable for them, to everyone’s surprise.

Anyhow, the property we all like in South West London needs substantial renovation, so it was very popular with developers and other families looking to put their mark on something and add value to the property.

So, a competitive sealed bid was entered in to and the couple asked me for a good price, within a given range of £1.6 to £1.65 million.

I chose a few prices within that range, and although I can’t reveal the winning one here, it was BELOW THE ASKING PRICE yet it was accepted!!

Am so happy for these clients of mine as they have been through a lot to reach this outcome, as they had been adversely affected by a few very negative properties that they let out in their portfolio. It is so satisfying to me to work with a smaller client base on a repeat basis so I can assist and various key points throughout their lives.

If you’d like me to help you with an existing home, new build, commercial premises or chinese horoscope, please do get in touch (contact details below).

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