Feng Shui Tips for House Hunting

Feng Shui Tips for House Hunting

Feng Shui Tips for House Hunting…

As the economy shows the first tender shoots of recovery the housing market has started to move again. So, how do you find a good property that will support you rather than work against you?

FORM – it is essential for your house to have good ‘form’ or good bones! Whether you are looking for a mansion with grounds or a small terraced house, in Feng Shui terms you want to have a nice high wall/fence/trees/slope at the rear of the property for protection and a nice open view towards the front which represents your future energy. In general, you should avoid properties with gardens sloping away at the back and high at the front – though there are exceptions but you’d need me or one of my consultants to verify this type of “Site Empty, Facing Full” form.

THE GOOD, THE BAD and THE UGLY! -You might have fallen in love with the property but overlooked the fact that it is surrounded by ugly buildings or features such as run-down garages, gardens full of junk, nearby pylons, unattractive tower blocks etc. Feng Shui is 60% about the exterior, and it is well worth paying a little more in order to be in a nicer area. However, if you are thorough in your search you can find areas of beauty and good form even within cheaper housing zones.

General Feng Shui scenarios to avoid:

Homes opposite T-junctions (can cause financial difficulty and health problems)

Homes on steeply sloping streets (harder to receive opportunities and not good for relationship balance between male and female)

Homes with ‘Sha or Poison chi’ – the corner of another house or large building pointing directly towards the front door or the back of the homeMillennium Harbour floorplan
ORIENTATION – If you stand at the approximate centre of the property with a compass, align the compass to the magnetic North and find that the line running from back to front of property is not squarely within a direction then in general I would say avoid it or call one of us in to help you with our Property Selection Service. You see, many homes or office buildings falling between directions such as N/NE or S/SW or E/NE etc. can be difficult to fix.  I am not referring to subcardinal directions.
Subcardinal properties (such as NW back SE front)  can be OK and we can professionally guide you on this with the Property Selection Service, but as a general rule the cardinal directions N, S, E, W are preferred because the buildings are aligned to purer directional energies, which means stronger energy to support you and your family or your business.

Feng Shui Lo Pan compass

TAKING YOUR COMPASS READING – at beginner level it is best to stand in the approx centre of the property and see where the back is and the front will usually be directly opposite. Apartments are a little more complicated in terms of back and front. To be on the safe side, go outside of the property at the back and the front, and then a few metres away from the property to ensure that your compass needle reading is not being influenced by any steel or electromagnetic activity within the house (as can sometimes happen).

FEELING? – some people say the house chooses you! What are your first impressions upon walking in? Do you get an immediate sense of being at home? If so, then it is very likely that the home has something to teach you, even if you then subsequently discover there are some Feng Shui problems. No house is perfect from a Feng Shui perspective, but some are far better and less problematic than others.

BUSINESS PREMISES – depending  on the type of business you run, in general, you should make sure that the front door is easy to see and access. Sounds obvious if you rely upon passing trade, but it is amazing to hear about people signing leases on the basis of price alone and without consideration for common sense. If people find it hard to see the door (for instance, an upstairs restaurant) then how do you expect to catch the passing trade or passing ‘chi’?

Business premises are subject to different types of Feng Shui assessment, so if you are serious about running a successful business then I would urge you to invest in our Property Selection Services at the very outset, so that we help you get your business off to a flying start!

I hope the above gives you an idea of what to look for, but there are hundreds more considerations and I can only give you the basics because it takes years of experience to assess what is important as each property is totally unique and each property occupant resonates differently with the property. So, if you want to be absolutely sure your new home will definitely be your dream home, then take advantage of our expertise and use our Property Selection services.  CONTACT US   to find out how we can help you avoid Feng Shui disaster when selecting your new home, office or commercial space.