Xian Terracotta Warrior given a Feng Shui position!

Xian Terracotta Warrior given a Feng Shui position!

Xian Terracotta Warrior feng shui position It was an unexpected request from a lovely lady in Wimbledon, when she asked me about a feng shui position for her recently acquired terracotta warrior from Xian in China. When I arrived at the property earlier this year in July, this replica of the original warriors was placed in front of the house facing a little away from the home and not in the best feng shui position.

After familiarising myself with the house layout and the garden layout and measuring the site of the home (otherwise known as the back) I started to have some good inklings about where this chappie might belong. I had to take into consideration lawn space, trampoline space, visual appeal etc. as well as my ‘sensing the chi’ aspect.

After looking into the dates of birth of family members, I then suggested a good date is also useful, to move him into his new position as it is not only the direction/location of Feng Shui measures but also the timing that is very important – the date has to work well with natural cycles and also support both the energy of the house and the occupants whenever possible.

It is not just a case of flicking through a calendar looking for a generic good date ready at my fingertips, but of calculating the suitability of a day.

So the client commissioned an Auspicious Date Selection which had to be in September between specific dates due to holiday travels etc.

I am pleased to say that I found a superb date AND they managed to co-ordinate their schedules to make sure the best ‘double hour’ was achieved and I recommended three sticks of incense and some mindfulness, prayer or a moment of stillness… something to mark the occasion with respect.

Here he is in his new position – for privacy reasons we are not permitted to show this fine warrior in relation to the distinctive large house, but the client was happy for me to use this photo of him with the incense. May he bless and protect the house.

I do love my work, it is so varied. Never dull!

Sarah x


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