A meeting of minds in Feng Shui Design

A meeting of minds in Feng Shui Design

rugsofa.webI just got off the phone to an Interior Architect Lucinda who called in to my company and has been on my newsletter list for a few years – she was interested in a course on Feng Shui Interior Design. I explained I am no longer teaching but would keep her updated of the courses run by my colleagues and also asked her what she wanted to achieve by attending a ‘regular’ feng shui course. She went on to explain how she is working on a triangular shaped property at the moment and had always been interested in how she might apply Feng Shui to her interior design work.

I have always been very blunt with my students and told them that a basic course isn’t enough to start practicing Feng Shui and neither is the Intermediate level course, as this limits you to researching the properties of friends and family and not permitted to charge a fee. I helped Lucinda understand that for her to incorporate Feng Shui into her interior design practice she would need at least 2 if not 3 years of training which would cost £5000 or thereabouts, not to mention the time spent in classroom and doing case studies and homework.

Collaboration with Design Professionals

I suggested it might serve her better to just hire me in as a consultant to collaborate with her (she can even add a small sourcing fee on top of my charges and make a little profit) and when on the job I could give her a few pointers and basics about the Feng Shui method, so she would still be learning a little but not having to commit to the long and serious process of professional study. She has a young family too, so even more reason not to spread herself too thinly.

Feng Shui training is a delight, a great investment in your future and a source of inspiration and creativity. It is not for the fainthearted though! Perhaps it is just as satisfying to collaborate with a seasoned professional like myself who understands the application of Feng Shui to interior design and architecture and can guide you through the various pitfalls and complexities and give you the confidence to make good Feng Shui decisions on behalf of your discerning client.

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