Psycho Jaws Architecture!

Psycho Jaws Architecture!

What are your first impressions when you see this building image? Comfortable or uncomfortable?

Form, Form, Form…

I don’t wish to undermine the architects Coop Himmelblau who designed this award winning concept (completion due October 2010)  but I find it very aggressive looking and those spiked pedestrian bridges are not only unstable looking but disproportionately large, and potentially disastrous in the wrong direction (24 Imperial Heaven Stars).

This will be the Dalian Conference Centre in China and based on its design, I don’t expect it to be a comfortable building to occupy.

On a positive note the building uses solar and radiating panels and thermal energy from the sea. But even the roof looks a little claustrophobic, as if it is sacrificing natural light for the sake of solar panels.

The perfect synergy would be to use Feng Shui knowledge to assist in the creation of such landmark buildings and assist with harmonious shape, orientation and chi flow, as well as observations on how to create  stunning design within all the sustainability and legislative parameters.

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