Hot Summer Feng Shui Anger Management

Hot Summer Feng Shui Anger Management

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, anger is related to wood element which is the Spring season, but did you know that heat (Fire element) can encourage the anger to be ‘produced’ in the Five Element cycle?
This means that too much fire element (red colour, heat) can make you more readily express anger!
If you have a living area in the South direction of your home, and it is painted with red or purple or green, you could be more susceptible to a few bouts of anger, especially with temperatures rising.  Even worse, if your kitchen is in the South then there is already the fire element of the stove/hob which is adding to the natural Fire element of the South.

We have only to look at language to understand this connection with heat and anger  – ‘he is such a hot-head’ or ‘she is really fiery’ are two common phrases that spring to mind.
It is so interesting how the elements are often reflected in our speech – ‘she is salt of the earth’ or ‘he is really down to earth’…
Fire is the element of the heart & small intestine and on the positive side is related to our ability to feel healthy emotions, compassion, love and joy. In its negative form fire element can bring about depression (the opposite of joy), bitterness and being too emotional and allowing our emotions to rule.
There is a huge difference between acknowledging our feelings and our heart, and being overly emotional. Being overly emotional means that you can rarely do anything without there being a drama around it. You have become addicted to drama as a way of getting an emotional kick, because in fact you are divorced from your feelings and without the drama would feel depressed. Anyhow, this is a whole other subject…

Back to the feng shui for hot weather. Here are my top tips for keeping your cool in a heatwave:

  • Wear only natural materials such as cotton or silk, bamboo or hemp. Avoid manmade fibres like polyester and nylon as these don’t let the body breath.
  • Use the same principle in your bedding – linen and cotton is much cooler than the ‘easy iron’ varieties that are usually only 50% cotton and have nylon or polyester in them.
  • Keep the curtains closed in South facing rooms during the hottest part of the day – this is common sense, but it is amazing how many people forget to do this in a heatwave.
  • Invest in a good ‘silent’ fan and/or portable air conditioning unit. The Dyson models are particularly good.
  • Avoid too much red in the South – the occasional splash here and there is fine, but not in large amounts like walls, rugs, sofas… If you can’t change the colours then add some earth element like sand/brown/yellow/grey/beige/sisal/seagrass and natural wooden furniture (which is earth element, not wood element!)
  • Definitely don’t put a water feature or an aquarium in the South as this will cause arguments.
  • Drink plenty of room temperature water to stay hydrated
  • Increase the yin energy by doing gentle exercise like yoga instead of strenuous exercise like running
  • Run cold water over your wrists if you become very warm – this immediately cools the blood so helps to cool you down.
  • If you feel yourself becoming unreasonably angry, take a few deep breathes and focus on gratitude instead.
Anger is not a bad emotion in the right situation, as it is sometimes useful for setting boundaries with other people and for motivating ourselves – it is just not nice to be on the receiving end of an angry outburst.
If you are generally feeling unwell or unhappy and not sure where you are going in life, then a bespoke feng shui consultation from me on your home would be the best course of action, as the feng shui readings of your entire home and garden/grounds will reveal unique dynamics. In the case of anger specifically, the Southerly and Easterly rooms might have different options for balancing the energy there, but in general the above tips can give you some basic pointers.  A full consultation would examine the whole house and the physical form around it too, to see what could be causing unrest etc.. I would cross reference your full Chinese Astrology chart with the time we are in, and with the layout of the house, and see what could be put in place (and when) to help your life flow again.
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Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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