Light informs, sound transforms…Autumn feng shui & the voice

Light informs, sound transforms…Autumn feng shui & the voice

I have just returned from an epic 1 day workshop with the inimitable & gracious Stewart Pearce, all about the power of the voice and sound to transform our energy and connect to spiritual energies. I had never heard of him before, but saw a post on Facebook and was immediately intrigued.  Clearly, as a Feng Shui consultant, it is really important that I keep my energy field vibrating highly with plenty of peacefulness and joy and optimism, with which to work with my fabulous clients. 🙂

Stewart said something on the workshop that was very simple yet very profound, which I immediately made note of – he put forward the idea that “Light give us information, but sound gives us transformation”. Personally, I feel it is a bit of both as light meditations and actual sunlight beams can powerfully cleanse a space, but it did get me thinking about how beneficial chanting is…and he also reminded me that sound is the bridge between substance and spirit, between the visible and the invisible. 

Here’s something few people know about me – for years I have instinctively just LOVED chanting in the bath!! I think its a mixture of the subtle vibrations of the water and also the enclosed space of the bathroom and bath tub that emphasises the sound, but many a time I have Omm’ed and Uuu’d and Saaa’d to my hearts content while enjoying a good soak!

Anyhow, the class of 30 in London on Sunday 9th, felt utterly transformed from the day we spent chanting and projecting our authentic voice. So, I would highly recommend his work – he is running another day, which I have permission to share, on SEPTEMBER 29th – THE PORTAL OF TRANSCENDENCE – see more info on this page  

Continuing the voice theme, Autumn or ‘Fall’ as the Americans put it so beautifully, is Metal element in the Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is a time when nature is starting to decay and contract. Metal element is also about sound and breath and singing and also about the lungs and large intestine. It is about detoxing and clearing out the old and transforming energy into usefulness. Just as decaying leaves transform into valuable ‘humus’ to feed the soil, the great cycle of nature never wastes any resource.

With the ‘Limit of Heat’ (Chu Shu) solar fortnight well behind us on 23rd August and the start of ‘White Dew’ (Bak Low) on 8 September temperatures are cooling a little. I always feel a little reflective at this time of year, and yet also really excited for a new cycle as Winter is the dreaming in season and a chance to recalibrate for the New Year 2019. 

How can you create a little bit of Autumn Feng Shui?


Contrary to some Feng Shui advice, the colours your home requires to balance the feng shui energies, have nothing to do with seasonal colours, so don’t go filling your home with auburn/yellow/terracotta Autumnal colours, as this might be adding far too much “earth” element.

Instead of being literal about it all, get to the core of the energy and have the opposite of a Spring clean – have an Autumn detox!  Declutter. Refresh your doormats so that the energy is fresher thought the winter. Clean the windows. Clean from top to bottom, including door frames, skirting boards, doors, door handles, corners, behind the sofa etc.

Of course you can hire me to help you with a professional Feng Shui consultation of your home or business to get your space aligned for total take-off in 2019!


Consider booking a colonic with a trustworthy and experienced colonic irrigation specialist, or follow DIY enema protocols to detox the body from too many summer barbecues! Now is ideal before it gets too cold.


Consider having a Chinese Horoscope reading with me to help you get aligned with purpose and clarity for 2019. You might love Autumn and the Metal energy because it is one of your supportive elements, or you might find it throws you off centre because it works against your core Five Element chi… Find out what element is your superpower – water, wood, fire, earth or metal?  Contact me for further information and details of my Autumn special offers!


Learn some simple chanting techniques – it is so easy. Ommmm is a great one to start with and feel how it vibrates in your body and eventually up to the third eye.

I hope the above pointers are useful and interesting, and wish you a beautiful transition from Autumn into Winter.

Kindest, Sarah x

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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