London Feng Shui

London Feng Shui

Ever wondered what makes a city feel so great? or so awful…? Or certain parts feel really comfortable and others are unsettling? Classical Feng Shui places great emphasis on urban planning layout which doesn’t just mean the man-made built environment but also where the natural features are like rivers, hillsides, mountains and lakes. London is an amazing example of really good feng shui. Read on to find out why…

Water – the Thames River has a steady flow rate and is not really really fast, but isn’t terribly slow either. It also meanders through the city, which means it can generously distribute it’s chi. What do I mean by chi? Well, it is scientifically proven that water attracts energy to its surface. And not only that, moving water generates healthy ‘negative’ ions. Everything natural has a vital force. This is scientific fact – water, plant life, animals, humans – they all emit and contain a type of energy. Feng Shui might sound bizarre to the Westerner but it makes complete scientific sense, because it studies in-depth how these mostly invisible energies affect us. Anyone who ridicules Feng Shui clearly does not understand it at all. Their loss!

Unusually, London’s river is also a tidal river, so it comes in and goes out, rather than flowing in just one direction.  In Feng Shui terms, this is very auspicious because it creates a yin/yang movement.

Natural Hills for Protection – in the North  there is Muswell Hill and Highgate and Alexandra Palace etc. which are all storing energy and also giving London a sort of protection. Then there are the hillsides of Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hill in the Northwest which again provide vital greenery and also some protection.  The flat basin of the centre and most of South London then gives way to more hillsides to the South which again act to hold and protect the fengshui chi. Were it completely flat it probably wouldn’t have the international success it enjoys as it would be too dispersed.

City of London – this is the main financial centre of London, and has aptly shaped sky scraper buildings that are reminiscent of trees, in that they are tall and slim. In fact, they are otherwise known as Hungry Wolf energy, in that they imitate the vitality energy of the hungry ‘puer’ personality – perfect for the banking industry that attracts young alpha males who love to get ahead of any competition. Were the Feng Shui of the City of London full of domes and curves and flat buildings, it would definitely not be as dynamic as it is, but be influenced by a much more sedate and spiritual type of energy.

Some of this industry has had to expand because they needed extra space… so they went to the East End of London – the Feng Shui direction of the Wood energy, the tall and slim shape and the upwardly mobile energy of people in their younger years)… and built a whole load more skyscrapers (Canary Wharf) which are also fed by the water around them – again, it is ideal for the industry.

Dirty Water – Camden & King’s Cross used to be a lot worse than it is now as it used to have a lot more ‘dirty water’ in the canals and attracted a lot more drug users than other areas of London. Just as fresh water is full of vitality and cleansing nourishment, dirty and stagnant water breeds germs and an unsavoury feeling to it. It literally creates stagnation. Stagnation creates frustration. Frustration creates anger and victimhood and a need to ‘escape’.

Water Dragons – London Feng Shui doesn’t just have the visible water of the Thames, but also hidden deeper in the earth is a network of forgotten rivers which affect the energy on the surface. In some places this can be problematic as the natural properties of the water has become affected by a grid of urban necessities like electricity cabling, gas and sewage pipes, telecoms cables etc. This in itself is an entirely separate area of study, revealed to those proficient in dowsing. I dowse most of the properties I consult on simply because underground energy is also very influential to the Feng Shui on the surface.

Time – in Feng Shui there are time sensitive calculations which are very interesting in tracing the history of certain parts of a city. If I had unlimited time and budget (someone sponsor me to research all this please!) I would love to trace the affect of the 24 Heaven Imperial stars over centuries. Briefly, in the 8 fate time period just ended in 2016 Camden and Hackney were in negative portent areas such as Robbery & Kill and Earth Curse, but since 2017 they have benefited from Merit Official and Golden Branches, in that they have become much more gentrified and more heavily invested in. One can of course argue this process of gentrification has been going on for quite some time, but if you look at house prices you will see these areas are much more desirable now than they were only a few years ago. Traditionally wealthy and elegant parts of London like Belgravia and Chelsea were in the Golden Branches and Treasures Hall until 2016, and continue to have good energy with the Throne and 8 Warri0r portents. The 8 Warrior will follow good energy if there is already a predominance of good chi, so these areas will continue to hold their value. Fascinating isn’t it!

Human chi – of course we mustn’t forget the social aspect of London, and how diverse and stimulating it is with people of all nationalities all contributing to the success of the city. I will never forget my first few weeks working in the City (2002) having returned from 9 months of global travelling, I still felt London was one of the most cosmopolitan places I had been! I couldn’t believe how I would walk along Bishopsgate and see 6’6″ African guys in sharp suits and tiny Korean looking women all bustling around amidst the usual crew of young white city boys and girls. I found it so refreshing, and certainly loved my time in that fascinating environment, but it wasn’t my passion so I didn’t stay that long, before going self-employed in 2003 as a Shiatsu practitioner, Feng Shui consultant and freelance translator. I do enjoy dipping in to it now and again, as I love sweeping views of the Duck and Waffle and similar places, and occasionally have London business Feng Shui clients there.

So, there you have it, some of my thoughts on the urban feng shui of London!

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Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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