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The history of Feng Shui, or the scientific art of optimising your environment, can be traced back for more than five thousand years....

In today’s challenging economy, being further hampered by negative Feng Shui influences is not a risk to which your business should be exposed. We will minimise or eradicate any negative energy and help you make full use of the positive energy available at your commercial premises, strongly increasing likelihood of business success.
The ‘Haute Couture’ of design - having a home or business designed with Feng Shui in mind transforms your space from off the shelf to utterly bespoke - beautifully tailored to your unique energy constitution. Business premises can use Feng Shui design right from the start to increase client footfall, increase consumer spend and create exquisite ambience particularly in spas and restaurants. We don’t do trinkets. We do beautiful.
My Feng Shui home consultation service has helped hundreds of families, couples and singletons throughout London and Home Counties to change their fortunes for the better by adopting our Feng Shui recommendations. With 15 years experience I have mastered the art of Feng Shui to deliver not only technically sophisticated solutions but advice that is practical and workable.
You are totally unique and deserve our bespoke service which gives you the peace of mind that every inch of your space is designed with the best Feng Shui energies possible. The end result is a space oozing with vitality, light and spaciousness reflecting both your personality and functional needs without any compromise on design value. We don’t do trinkets. We do beautiful.
Feng Shui Garden Design is so very exciting because the exterior of a property accounts for 60% of the Feng Shui influence, so the benefits increase exponentially when you create the garden to bring in the good chi and deflect the less desirable energies. Even a small roof terrace can resonate to the vibrancy of Feng Shui. Master Planning for a new hotel and spa resort? You must let us help you create a haven of tranquillity and prosperity!
Allow us to create a commercial space that arouses curiosity, brings in the customers and quite literally exudes a magnetic appeal. A cross cultural design phenomena, Feng Shui is used more and more by both large and small businesses alike in UK and Europe to bring that extra special something to the working environment, making staff feel valued, improving performance. Highly successful Dragons’ Den entrepreneurs use Feng Shui – what better endorsement?
We understand the practical constraints facing urban planners and seek always to work in a spirit of supportive collaboration, having advised on projects with Westminster Council planners, urban planners in France, Marine & Fisheries Sustainablity Officers in Antigua and civil engineers in UAE, Master McAllister can expertly navigate design considerations and legislative issues and still produce workable Feng Shui Urban and City Planning solutions.