Some architects have confessed over the years that some spaces “just don’t feel right” even though they might have a stunning visual design concept. This is a classic result of designing a new build without Feng Shui architectural considerations in mind. We can help you avoid Feng Shui mistakes that can be very costly both to your design and construction team and your clients longer term profitability or happiness and health.
Discover deeper insight into your relationship with your Family, your Health, your natural talents and gifts, your best suited career, your ability to make money and the dynamics of power in your chart. Are you a natural born leader or are you better at helping the “ideas” person complete their goals? Which colours best support you? Which foods give you extra vitality? This powerful knowledge helps you understand and better navigate and influence your life path and also is a great help to employers wishing to understand their staff and in psychological profiling.
Throughout the natural world rhythms and cycles are magically at work to create the life sustaining and abundant world we inhabit. You can use this knowledge of natural forces to make better decisions about when to take action on specific projects. This knowledge increases your chance of success by approx. 30% and can increase success of Business Openings, Website and New Product launches, Marriage Ceremonies, Conceiving a Child and even trading the stock market.
The owner of Glow Phillip Davies asked us to help him with the design of his urban spa and the business has blossomed and gone on to win awards and high acclaim in the media. His customers remark on how the place has such a vibrant feeling for such a small city space.
BRIEF: The client is a young man with a stressful career in the City. He requested a classic yet modern style with regard to furnishings and wished the space to feel relaxing and inviting.
Our Feng Shui coaching helps you access and utilise areas of Feng Shui expertise that you didn’t know existed or needed! Our programs offer practical ways to connect with the power of Feng Shui. We also show you the best lifestyle services that can help you achieve your dream environment, your dream self and your dream lifestyle.  
Following an initial Style Exercise and a subsequent Samples Demo, we help you envisage the final look and feel of our designs by providing you with detailed Moodboards with samples and optional 3D Mock ups. We will have already assessed the Feng Shui energies of the property and offered some guidelines on suitable colour schemes and layouts. We also go through detailed technical plans either with you in person or your authorised representative.