Sleeping Child high resGood quality sleep is so vital for our health and happiness, but is increasingly elusive for adults and children alike. Typically, researchers will turn to the 'mechanics' of sleep such as biological processes, nutrition, heartbeat, the amount of REM and deep sleep cycles, the type of mattress etc.  All of these are important to help us understand the physicality of sleep...but rarely do I see the subtle influences on sleep to be analysed...
1Following on from my successful promotion at the Winter Solstice, please see your basic 2016 Chinese Animal Fortune Forecast below for the Year of the Fire Monkey!

Prepare for fast progress in 2016 as the strong Yang Heaven Water forges ahead with great impetus and will keep up momentum for the majority of the year. The Rat and Monkey are key players this year and the Monkey is a Fire Monkey which means a lot of action in the money markets this year. 

Method of Forecasting A new year, a new start... what will 2016 bring? or more accurately, what will you make of 2016? I am not sure where it all began, when astrology sank into popular opinion as something disempowering, superstitious and foreboding... As anyone who has ever studied the subject in depth will tell you, its nothing like the popular myths and prejudices that abound. 
1 Wow! It's gonna be fast. This year will have a breathless pace to it and if you aren't prepared you will surely get washed away. The Chinese calendar employs the metaphors of creatures to convey a quality of chi for each year. It is not to be taken too literally! The energy archetype of the fire monkey is one of agility and being fast moving and creative. The animal sign of the year is just one small part of a complex lattice of 'cosmic observations' as I call them. This year we have it all going on...all the elements... Let me guide you to plan effectively and really up your game. 
Happy Winter Solstice At 04.49am GMT on 22/12/2015 the Winter Solstice happens when the North Pole is tilted furthest away from the sun, so it is the longest and darkest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

The term 'solstice' comes from the Latin word 'solstitium', which means 'Sun standing still'.

This means we are approaching SPRING and SUMMER!!! We only have January and February to go... well, and March.... until we have some semblance of half-decent weather again... 
Natural Health Magazine It was a first for me to be described as a 'fixer fairy' but I think it is rather endearing... For those of you who regularly read Natural Health magazine you can find me in the December issue on page 123 along with a few other lifestyle experts.
Feng Shui for Sleep Couple Deep sleep has to be the most important ingredient for good health and emotional balance, and so many people just can't get enough of the old kip. Research has shown that blue light emitted from our smartphones and computer devices confuse the body clock, especially when used at night. 

Recycling Revenue Share

All things good, green and gold are dear to my heart, so am very pleased to have joined this forward thinking company based out of Poland, who are offering investment opportunities ranging from as little as 50 Euros and 50000 Euros and beyond.

Zen and art of Blackberry PickingBusiness & Life Lessons from Blackberries! 

I love the countryside and really enjoy long walks and runs through the fields, villages and commons where I live. I had been enjoying a few blackberries on my runs to wet my mouth when thirsty but never remembered to take a bag, so a few weeks ago I finally went for a walk with a big blue freezer bag and picked a generous amount of different sized blackberries, wild from the hedgerows - some big and plump, others small and sweet, all fresh and bursting with goodness!! 
Equinox Solstice illustration From 23 August 2015 we entered the "Chu Shu - Limit of Heat" solar fortnight, and then on the 8th September we came into "Bak Low - White Dew" and I certainly noticed a lot more moisture on the lawn around that time in the mornings. From 23rd September we enter the "Chow Fun - Autumn Equinox" solar fortnight, during which point of the Vernal (or Fall/Autumn) Equinox the balance of light and day is more or less equal in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.