Monte Carlo is the capital of the tiny principality of Monaco on the SE coast of the South of France. It displays all the classic feng shui features of a successful and wealthy place, because it has the 'armchair formation' which is high back and good 'arms' and a harbour to lock the chi. Unlike coastal cities that are a little flat and just have small harbours, this one really pulls all the E and SE chi into its centre which means it is circulating fresh energy all the time, far better than long and narrow city seafronts. The palace itself is on a somewhat phallic stretch of land, the shape of which is also associated with wood element, vitality and commercial success, particularly when
Start 2014 on fire with feng shui Does this time of year freak you out a little? Do you feel grateful for the year just past by? Or do you feel secretly afraid that if you don't 'get it right this time' then another year will see your initial hopes and dreams die? Do you listen to knowledge outside of yourself and then regret it? Do you get attracted to mentoring programs then find that they simply cannot provide bespoke enough advice and don't really teach you more than you already know?

See YOUR 2014 Chinese Animal Fortune Forecast below for the Year of the Wood Horse!

2014 Year of the Wooden HorseWe are in for quite a year! The energy of the horse is dynamic and fast and will likely bring more travel and a quicker pace, whereas 2013 brought sensuality and reflection and hidden messages to the forefront the horse is wild and ready to run forward with dynamic action. Bring it on!
KenkoLightIn the Northern hemisphere we are hunkering down in good old British style, coats all buttoned up, hoods and collars grasped close as we head out into the chill winds on these short days that are getting darker and darker. Many people have a physical reaction to the reduction in light called SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which can give rise to feelings of depression and despair simply because the body is not receiving enough daylight. Modern research shows increasingly how we have a relationship between our body and light via the transfer of biophotons - "indeed, the human body emits biophotons, also known as ultraweak photon emissions (UPE), with a visibility 1,000 times lower than the sensitivity of our naked eye. While not visible to us, these particles of light (or waves, depending on how you are measuring them) are part of the visible electromagnetic spectrum (380-780 nm) and are detectable via sophisticated modern instrumentation."  [1],[2]
Sally Wallis Feng Shui Love photoI do love a good testimonial! Its great to catch up with clients now and then! So many wonderful things can happen in their lives, and I might not always know about it! I heard from the lovely Sally a few months ago and she offered to write me this wonderful testimonial outlining the process we went through together to find her the perfect home!
rugsofa.webI just got off the phone to an Interior Architect Lucinda who called in to my company and has been on my newsletter list for a few years - she was interested in a course on Feng Shui Interior Design. I explained I am no longer teaching but would keep her updated of the courses run by my colleagues and also asked her what she wanted to achieve by attending a 'regular' feng shui course. She went on to explain how she is working on a triangular shaped property at the moment and had always been interested in how she might apply Feng Shui to her interior design work.
Eucalyptus Oil webAutumn Feng Shui Like in the Springtime, Autumn is an excellent time to declutter, in a mirror image of the bodily detoxification, you can simplify your life and get creative with your organisation. The scent associated with Autumn is pungent - Cajeput, Eucalyptus and Siberian Fir essential oils are all pungent and the eucalyptus can help keep the space free from germs at this crossover seasonal time.
Autumn Enlightenment webAdjusting to the Seasons can be difficult sometimes when we live our lives very insulated from nature, working in offices with artificial orangey/yellow lighting instead of full spectrum lights, taking the tube, going home to stay in or go out into public transport etc. Air conditioning/heating/umbrellas - all insulate us from the forces of nature, so sometimes our bodies don't know how to make a good transition.
SM Master Urban Planning certificate webThis post gives a nod to Topher Morrisons blog video about the question of being a Specialist, Expert or Master speaker and I have been meaning to write about the topic of 'mastery' for quite a while now. Topher is a fantastic speaker trainer and I would love to do his Legacy programme one day. Topher basically sums his ideas up as a Specialist having 10 years experience in their given field, Expert 20 years and Master 50 years plus and maybe a few grey hairs! And I can see why, as he is trying to protect the integrity of true expertise, in a world gone haywire with soundbyte celebrities with little substance. And especially when Master is much overused and given for a very small amount of training - ridiculous - a Reiki Master after 8 days of training etc. Or a 7 day Feng Shui 'holiday' in Asia leading to master certificate!  Its just daft. I have 15 years of active experience in Feng Shui consulting, training and teaching and in fact 18 years experience in energy psychology, having studied Shiatsu prior to learning Feng Shui.