Eucalyptus Oil webAutumn Feng Shui Like in the Springtime, Autumn is an excellent time to declutter, in a mirror image of the bodily detoxification, you can simplify your life and get creative with your organisation. The scent associated with Autumn is pungent - Cajeput, Eucalyptus and Siberian Fir essential oils are all pungent and the eucalyptus can help keep the space free from germs at this crossover seasonal time.
Autumn Enlightenment webAdjusting to the Seasons can be difficult sometimes when we live our lives very insulated from nature, working in offices with artificial orangey/yellow lighting instead of full spectrum lights, taking the tube, going home to stay in or go out into public transport etc. Air conditioning/heating/umbrellas - all insulate us from the forces of nature, so sometimes our bodies don't know how to make a good transition.
SM Master Urban Planning certificate webThis post gives a nod to Topher Morrisons blog video about the question of being a Specialist, Expert or Master speaker and I have been meaning to write about the topic of 'mastery' for quite a while now. Topher is a fantastic speaker trainer and I would love to do his Legacy programme one day. Topher basically sums his ideas up as a Specialist having 10 years experience in their given field, Expert 20 years and Master 50 years plus and maybe a few grey hairs! And I can see why, as he is trying to protect the integrity of true expertise, in a world gone haywire with soundbyte celebrities with little substance. And especially when Master is much overused and given for a very small amount of training - ridiculous - a Reiki Master after 8 days of training etc. Or a 7 day Feng Shui 'holiday' in Asia leading to master certificate!  Its just daft. I have 15 years of active experience in Feng Shui consulting, training and teaching and in fact 18 years experience in energy psychology, having studied Shiatsu prior to learning Feng Shui.
Feng Shui Colours Video web Having just had my office painted the most gorgeous turquoise to make the Flying Stars productive, I thought it would be a good time to show you this video on Feng Shui colours and the Five Elements. If you'd like some professional help then you can contact me to arrange a private consultation.
  Holy Couple web Spring is definitely in the air and Beltaine on its way! If your romantic life could do with some re-energising, here's a great little free Feng Shui for Love  video I filmed quite a few years ago, still full of great common sense tips on how to set up your home with Feng Shui for male/female harmony.   If you are in same sex relationships then get in touch as I am trained in Mo Gik Feng Shui which is specific to same gender partnerships and the unique energy of what we call 'gay' homes or buildings.
Earth Day web The roots of my Feng Shui skill lie in observation and deep enjoyment of nature because the Five Elements on which Feng Shui techniques are based, are so very much alive in the natural world. So I am always happy to promote fantastic organisations such as Earth Day Network, which does great work to raise awareness of environmental issues and how to better reduce our impact on this beautiful sacred planet that keeps on giving and never asking for anything in return.
Feng Shui Love Couple Essentially, Feng Shui is all about yin and yang, and not in an obvious way. It is really important to understand the Taoist perspective on male/female dynamics and more importantly how the layout and design of your home will be influencing the relationship balance of the occupants.
Sarah Love Brigade HatsAs a provider of Feng Shui consultation to homes and businesses all over London and overseas, I have supported charities such as Shelter for many years now as I know how the quality of the home of my clients directly affects their lives, and whilst I do enjoy travel immensely and living out of a suitcase now and then, I equally enjoy having my little nest to return to, and can't imagine how difficult, dangerous and lonely it must be, not to mention bitter cold to be living on the streets. This is why I responded immediately to the call of the Love Brigade and spent a blustery Sunday afternoon on 17th February 2013 with hundreds of other likeminded souls, organising bags of goodies into the 300 'Care Bags' which we then distributed throughout London to either organised shelters or people we randomly found on the street.