Chinese Feng Shui New Year Red Lanterns edit sq In Feng Shui cycles, the month of the Tiger started on the 4th February and the Chinese New Year is the first lunar day of this month, which falls on the 10th February 2013. Whilst the Winter Solstice of December 21st marked the real turning point of the energy, there is a cultural celebration of Chinese New Year, more correctly known as Spring Festival, during which the new energies are starting to stir more so than in the depths of December and January when the earth is still sleeping!
How the natural forces of the universe affect the energies of the year is a fascinating subject called forecasting and refers to our Heaven Luck. I prefer the term forecast rather than prediction as I consider it more accurate and it also creates more psychological space to harness our Human Luck in order to better weather the forecast whereas prediction somehow sounds too final. We are never meant to feel victimized by the forecasts as this creates self-fulfilling prophecies, however, if we are forewarned we are forearmed and can fine-tune our strategies. Each person is born in a year within the 12 Celestial Animal Cycle and express some character traits and energetics of the particular animal. Of course, no one wants to be the Pig, Dog or Rat but prefer to be the Tiger or the Dragon! The full Chinese Horoscope is based on more complex formulae involving your Year, Month, Day and Hour of birth, however, the below represent a very general outlook for each Chinese Animal sign and are meant to help you weaken or avoid bad luck, and increase your alignment to the good luck. Please do understand that both your individual detailed horoscope and the Feng Shui of your home or office will greatly contribute to how you combine with the energies and if you want to engage at a deeper level then consider having your full horoscope ‘opened’ or a full professional Feng Shui consultation.  DIY horoscopes or Feng Shui are not recommended! Wishing you a peaceful, healthy and prosperous 2013 Year of the Water Snake! Sarah x
Why not take some time over the festive season to apply some simple Feng Shui tips to your office. Sometimes people become accustomed to working in the most debilitating circumstances without realising it. It is very important to follow basic Feng Shui tips to create a more stable environment to support your work. As a professional Feng Shui consultant with 14 years experience, I enjoy applying advanced and specialist strategies for clients, which are in no-way self-help as they require years of learning and creative application. But I never overlook the basic tips that can still make a real difference to your life! :)
Goodness me there are too many of my friends and clients with this terrible flu, so I thought it might help to provide a few tips from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective and a dose of Feng Shui too! Even I have had two colds one week apart, most unusual for me, so am starting on the fresh ginger tea! 1) Lemon & Ginger tea is very useful for expelling viruses because ginger expels damp and congestion in the body (where the viruses gain their foothold) and lemon helps to alkalise the body so that the immune system can function better. A convenient way of drinking this is to buy lemon/ginger tea bags (Twinings do a nice one and am sure there are some organic brands too) then add some FRESHLY chopped/grated ginger and a few slices of lemon - keep filling up teapot throughout the day with new boiling water. 
With winter descending, I have been doing more baking and made my first parsnip cake last week!  It was delicious and will probably start replacing my amazing banana cake, as it is still deliciously sweet but not so sugary. There is something so cozy about cooking stews and baking cakes in the kitchen when outside it is raining, dark and windy! So I thought I'd release this free video about the Feng Shui of Kitchens. Hope you enjoy it!
    This reminds me, I must update my Facebook travel page to have now visited Norway! What a beautiful country, even just flying over the land near Oslo I could see the beautiful and very colourful patchwork of fields and forests. I can only imagine the Fjords must be breathtaking.
  Upon my return from a month long holiday/rest in USA, I was pleased to receive a copy of the book "Kids that Dream Big" by Lashai (11 years old) and Tray-Sean Ben Salmi (7 years old), children of my remarkable friend Sabrina Ben Salmi. The young authors encourage children to imagine a greater future for themselves and I was asked for my expert tips on how to support children with Feng Shui. I very much enjoy assisting kids with Feng Shui for sleep, study or help with bullying - see my testimonials section - you'd be amazed how much my Feng Shui has helped a number of the little people in the families I help! :) Here are the tips I provided in the book! I hope you find them useful and I can certainly help you with more bespoke and more advanced Feng Shui knowledge if you'd rather have an experienced expert help you :) Basic tips can sometimes help, but quite often a more skilled eye is required, so do get in touch. :) And to find out more about Lashai & Tray-Sean or BUY THEIR BOOK! their amazing websites are & &