One of the most common complaints from prospective residential Feng Shui clients of mine is that they are finding it hard to sleep. We have had huge success with helping people sleep better, particularly children - it's so cute when I get to help the little people! So, here's another free video from my popular Feng Shui Video series, which shows you basic Feng Shui considerations and other practical tips for  arranging your bedroom.
As the nation starts to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, I researched the Feng Shui of Buckingham Palace and also the Chinese Horoscope of our inspiring leader Queen Elizabeth II. I came to some very interesting conclusions that I'd like to share with you here. The full in-depth technical article will be offered to specialist publications but the broad sweep is as follows:

Using the Power

The long narrow approach to Buckingham Palace brings powerful chi to the front gates in a direct funnel, usually associated with sha chi or poison chi.  The gates, roundabout and statue help to deflect the chi so that it doesn’t hit the palace entrance full force.

With Spring making an effort to appear through the clouds(!), I thought I would raise awareness of activities that can connect us to...

It was fun to be interviewed about Feng Shui on Talk Radio Europe last week. Here is the recording: Talk Radio Europe in Spain...