The Power of Feng Shui Symbols

The Power of Feng Shui Symbols

Not many people want to add Chinese symbols into their home as they can look a bit out of place. I never ask a Feng Shui client to use many ‘trinkets’ at all – maybe a Buddha statue or a red paper charm here and there and a symbolic piece of Western (or Oriental) artwork, but otherwise Feng Shui is about unblocking energy in the environment, not adding ‘stuff’. 

BUT… that doesn’t mean that symbols are mumbo jumbo, just that they do not define the entirety of Feng Shui. And by not understanding the power of symbol, we might be depriving ourselves of a valuable resource.
You see, the power of symbols lies not in the symbol itself but in its effect upon our mind. The power of symbols is closely associated with the power of ritual.  Who doesn’t have a morning routine, which in many ways could be described as a type of ritual… ?

When we look at the use of trinkets/symbols and rituals we are largely talking about the Human aspect of Feng Shui. This is the element of luck/life force energy over which we have the most control – we CAN control our thoughts and emotions if we take the time to discipline ourselves.

Earth Luck is about your environment (Feng Shui and the quality of your surroundings), and Heaven Luck is about your horoscope (or some people would refer to this as karma).

The psychological power of Feng Shui Symbols

Sometimes there is a place for symbols within Feng Shui Interior Design and also within Feng Shui landscaping. Symbols create imprints which turn into memories and if you surround yourself with positive energy lifting symbols you are more likely to feel positive and uplifted yourself. A subconscious link is created that focuses your mind on whatever the symbol represents – be it health, wealth, harmony etc.

This is closely linked to the power of ritual. Fundamentally, what we are doing when we perform any ritual is creating new synapses in our mind. This could be by (for example) tickling the belly of the Laughing Buddha each time we pass it! The ‘belief’ is that by tickling the belly you are inviting in more wealth. But I would say it is more about how you are focussing your attention.

Or you might be lighting incense and praying to the Buddha or Mother Mary figurine or even your Higher Self.

For some of my regular readers and London or Cotswolds feng shui clients, you might think this sounds like a contradiction, as I have always said that Feng Shui acts upon you whether you believe in it or not…! Now I am talking about beliefs and attention…is it just placebo?

SOME aspects of Feng Shui (symbols and ritual) are about beliefs/intention but MANY aspects of Feng Shui – like the shape of the environment around you, the orientation of your house, the colours you wear or use in your decor, the position of water etc. have nothing to do with belief… Your house is orientated NW/SE whether you believe it to be or not. The water is in a certain position (good or bad) whether you believe it to be or not etc.

So, like many Eastern concepts, there is always a context that needs to be considered.

Some cultures like Islam do not like to use figurines as they feel they block access to the divine. I can see their point in a way, as without mindfulness the figurine is rather defunct, and should not in and of itself be worshipped, but rather it is the energy it connects us to in our minds eye that needs to be respected. Divinity has many faces but it is the vibration that is important to feel. Compassion and love aren’t just words, they are feelings and demonstrative acts.

You can’t just shove a symbol in your wealth corner and then ignore it. It is supposed to help you remember to ACTIVELY tap into the vibration of abundance! When used correctly, over time these symbols build up a certain chi, but without attention, they don’t do an awful lot! Creating your best life is not passive. It does take some level of work and action!

Oftentimes, we are seeking to combine the Heaven or the Earth with the Human (or all three) so in our ritual and use of symbol we are inviting deities to help us.

Kwan Yin

Do these deities even exist though?

I doubt it can be ‘scientifically’ proven that Kwan Yin or Shiva or Jesus exist in the Spiritual Realm, although I am sure one day it will be possible to measure such vibrations.

All you have to know is that there is a power in belief and FAITH. And it is the power of the vibrational point held that is incredibly important. Simply put, it will be much more worth your time contemplating the divine qualities of a deity (like compassion, forgiveness, enlightenment, knowledge, sanctity etc.) than watching the agro and dramarama  of a Eastenders (for my overseas readers, this is a soap opera in which everyone is grumpy or resentful or envious or angry – sooooooo boring).

To be perfectly honest, even though I am a feng shui consultant, I have had my own journey of cynicism and faith restored then cynicism again and then faith restored etc! Sometimes I still have a bad day where I am feeling low vibrational and start thinking it is all ridiculous, then I remind myself of all the utterly magical situations I have experienced in my life, and helped create in the lives of others.

When we are stuck in low vibrations of annoyance, anger, pain, despair it can be really difficult, almost impossible to enter the joyful alpha (and beyond) states where spiritual realms just seem like second nature. Our mind cannot conceive expanded principles when it is stuck in its beta wavelength or busyness and hurriedness and stress. So, for many people, spiritual concepts are nonsense. But for many many more they are fundamental to their lives and reality.

The old saying ‘where attention goes, energy flows’ is so important.

Ever felt someone’s gaze on you? Its THAT. Ever heard the phone ring or got a message and known exactly who it it before answering or reading? Its THAT. Ever heard a story about a loved one in the war ‘visiting’ his mother in the middle of the night (in spirit form) to let her know he is OK? Or how about the true story of the mother of that guy Christopher McCandless in the book “Into The Wild” who sat bolt upright in the middle of the night hundreds of miles away ‘knowing’ her son was in trouble – he was dying from having ingested a poisonous plant in error… THAT cannot be scientifically explained yet it has a spiritual reality.

Ooh, that ALWAYS gives me goosebumps when I recall it. I used to tell my students about that in my Feng Shui classes. Great film and book by the way.

Military God of Wealth (General Zhao Kong Ming)

So, if you have nothing in your resources other than the power of your mind, or you have a cherished little Buddha statue or you have unlimited resources, use it all well. Get creative. Create a new reality by focussing on what you want, rather than what you lack. And you will be creating new synapses that ultimately lead to new thoughts, new behaviours, new actions and new realities.

Have fun!

Sarah x




Sarah McAllister, Feng Shui Agency, London

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