In Traditional Chinese Medicine, anger is related to wood element which is the Spring season, but did you know that heat (Fire element) can encourage the anger to be 'produced' in the Five Element cycle?
This means that too much fire element (red colour, heat) can make you more readily express anger!
If you have a living area in the South direction of your home, and it is painted with red or purple or green, you could be more susceptible to a few bouts of anger, especially with temperatures rising.  Even worse, if your kitchen is in the South then there is already the fire element of the stove/hob which is adding to the natural Fire element of the South.
As part of a 2 day design workshop, in 2008 I gave a 15 minute talk to on Urban Planning Feng Shui of London, specifically Chinatown. In the audience were Chinese ministers, members of Chinatown cultural societies,  urban planners, Westminster councillors and the Princes Foundation for Building Community members responsible for the redevelopment of Chinatown. I was fairly nervous, but I had asked my teacher at the time (Grand Master Chan - now retired) whether he would like to be involved and shared how I was nervous about presenting to a Chinese community. He was adamant that it didn't matter that I was a Westerner or a woman. He said my being involved in it would 'open my career'. 
Do you wish you could spend more time in nature, but you live in a city? Or even if you live in the country you can never seem to find the time to go for a walk? Now you can bring a bit of nature inside, with the new Nikken Kenko Ground product which is an earthing mat that you can put under your desk or at the foot of your bed (or both!) and immediately connect to the earth energy.
Ever wondered what makes a city feel so great? or so awful...? Or certain parts feel really comfortable and others are unsettling? Classical Feng Shui places great emphasis on urban planning layout which doesn't just mean the man-made built environment but also where the natural features are like rivers, hillsides, mountains and lakes. London is an amazing example of really good feng shui. Read on to find out why...

Spring is in the air and thoughts turn to creating new builds or planning your garden, and to make use of the finer weather and longer days to come. So, what is the process of applying Feng Shui to a self-build project? Happily, I have decades of experience and have helped with the feng shui for eco-builds near Bath, new mansion homes in Notting Hill and Kent, entire renovations in London and Guernsey and more recently the fengshui design of an entirely new Alpaca farm, including the flatpack home on the same plot of land, for the young entrepreneurial couple creating their pastoral dream.  My work is definitely varied, that's for sure!

Today is supposed to be one of the most depressing days of the year, known as Blue Monday. Based on a calculation of weather in Northern Hemisphere, debt levels & ability to pay off debts, time elapsed since New Year's Resolutions etc. - it is probably a bit of hype too, but there is an element of truth in it, as many people struggle with the New Year and also with Springtime, because they become anxious that nothing in their lives will change for the better.  Often the 3rd Monday in January, it is a time when the hype of the turn of the year has died down and IF you set resolutions, you might well have already abandoned them. You may even have a sneaking feeling of futility creeping in or even already suffered disappointments and setbacks early on in the year. Some new year, you might be thinking! Can we please start 2019 again?! 

Are you ready for a little more fun in life?

Then welcome to the year of the Earth Pig! According to ancient wisdom we entered the Earth Pig on 22nd December 2018 at the Winter Solstice. Other schools of thought consider the Chinese New Year (in ancient times known as the Spring Festival) to be in February or end of January, but I work with the age old systems which honour the powerful fundamentals of yin and yang. So, the day which is the first day after the longest night of Winter, is the energetic New Year. 
Does life sometimes feel like way too much hard work? Not the hard work that ends up in a definite achievement or specific output... that type of hard work is very satisfying. Am talking about the type of hard work that just seems relentless - no matter what you do, life feels heavy and things just aren't happening... you feel stuck, misunderstood, resentful and afraid... almost aaaaallll the time....

I have just returned from an epic 1 day workshop with the inimitable & gracious Stewart Pearce, all about the power of the voice and sound to transform our energy and connect to spiritual energies. I had never heard of him before, but saw a post on Facebook and was immediately intrigued.  Clearly, as a Feng Shui consultant, it is really important that I keep my energy field vibrating highly with plenty of peacefulness and joy and optimism, with which to work with my fabulous clients. :)

Did you know that Feng Shui is one of the "8 Branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)"? The ancient Chinese were masters of holistic thinking, with a natural understanding of how all aspects of life are interconnected to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. The other 7 'branches' of TCM are energy work (meditation & qi gong), movement (t'ai chi, moxibustion, cupping), diet (nutrition), Chinese Astrology (cosmology), bodywork (tuina massage/acupressure etc.), herbal medicine, and acupuncture.