Feng Shui Architecture

Don't we always do the 'tourist thing' when our overseas friends come to stay? Eco-warrior extraordinaire and looooong time friend Katja Wiese was speaking at the Lush Summit at Old Billingsgate a few weeks back, so I jumped at the chance to catch up with her. We dined at Darwin's Brasserie in the Sky Garden, naturally... and had a beautiful dusk walk around Tower of London and over Tower Bridge. I took some epic photos from the viewing platform of Sky Garden for my digital scrapbook and also to use as illustrations to point out some basic Feng Shui influences in our stately capital, The City of London.
Stars It is not that obvious to many, but Feng Shui is as much about timing as it is about the layout of space. WHEN you take action and implement my advice is just as important as HOW and WHERE in the home or office. When you consider that nature has its regular cycles, and that Feng Shui is all about the dynamics of nature, then it is no surprise that ENERGY or 'chi'/ 'life force' / 'prana' also has its time cycles. 
Monte Carlo is the capital of the tiny principality of Monaco on the SE coast of the South of France. It displays all the classic feng shui features of a successful and wealthy place, because it has the 'armchair formation' which is high back and good 'arms' and a harbour to lock the chi. Unlike coastal cities that are a little flat and just have small harbours, this one really pulls all the E and SE chi into its centre which means it is circulating fresh energy all the time, far better than long and narrow city seafronts. The palace itself is on a somewhat phallic stretch of land, the shape of which is also associated with wood element, vitality and commercial success, particularly when
    This reminds me, I must update my Facebook travel page to have now visited Norway! What a beautiful country, even just flying over the land near Oslo I could see the beautiful and very colourful patchwork of fields and forests. I can only imagine the Fjords must be breathtaking.

This is a fun article from the Independent given to me at the weekend by one of my London Feng Shui Practitioner course students Nikki Martin. Some simple yet telling Form influences in all of these properties...

From Grand Designs magazine, take a look at this incredible home just outside of Tokyo...in Karuizawa, Japan. Designed by architect Kotaro Ide, it simply breathes an inherent harmony with its environment. It is a wonderful example of successfully combining organic curves with linear detailing and I just love the way the design of roof creates such beautifully tranquil views from the interior. Love it! Definitely one for my vision board!
What are your first impressions when you see this building image? Comfortable or uncomfortable? Form, Form, Form...